Thursday, March 31, 2005

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I can't decide if my jeans are getting baggy or not, because for the life of me, I can't remember how they used to fit. Maybe I've lost some weight in my thighs, I can't tell!!

Hopefully I'll get to buy new jeans soon.

Topic change, I bought the Split-Ender (as seen on tv) a while ago, and just fully used it yesterday. I've been putting off getting my haircut until I lose 10 lbs (it was originally 20 lbs on my profile, gotta change that), and I'm getting kinda desperate over here, the hair is looking a little ratty. After using the Split-Ender, I do see and feel a difference in my hair, and I think now I can hold out a little longer for my haircut. I really didn't want to have to break down and get a haircut before I reach my mini-goal, because then it wouldn't feel like I earned it.

I don't know what to talk about, nothing much going on.

I've got some great photos today sitting in my email, I will post them from home (I can't do that at work). Maybe I'll post one or two a day until I run out. They're really great/cute.

Ok, done for now.
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Oops, I guess Blogger didn't toss my last post
Oopsie, sorry about that, Blogger has been giving me error messages all morning, and I thought my first blog this morning didn't go through. Looks like you get 2 for 1. I'm leaving them both up.
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Damn you 165.2
FUCK. I just wrote out a great blog about not giving a shit about my poor poor self and having to be fat because Terri Schiavo passed away this morning. I can't type it all out again. My heart aches. We allowed her to be murdered by these evil men in Florida.

I am ashamed, so ashamed.

God took her back from us, we failed her. She is at peace in her creator's loving arms today. Away from her evil ghoul husband. Away from a society that allowed her to die.

God rest her soul.
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Damn you 165.2
You know, who the fuck cares if my scale showed 165.2 this morning? Terri Schiavo died this morning. How can I possibly give a rat's ass about poor poor me, having to be fat, when this poor innocent disabled woman was allowed to be murdered by her husband and a backwater swamp judge and Florida court system.

I had prayed for a miracle. God took her back. He decided we didn't deserve her. She held out the very end. A person can survive dehydration and starvation from 7-14 days, but they usually die in the first week. Ms. Schiavo died on the 14th day. She waited for us. She gave us as much time as possible for us to save her.

I can't think about her anymore. I am so numb from all the coverage this has gotten, from every fact and testimony I've heard, yet she was never given a chance. She deserved a new case, where everything that was found by Judge Greer was thrown out, and they had fresh new eyes to rule on this.

The Ashamed Unkymood to the left is not for me and my weight gain, it's for America and all of humanity, for letting this woman die. I am ashamed.

CULTURE OF DEATH: Not just a spin anymore, it's the honest truth.
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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

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Bye bye back fat
Even though the scale isn't agreeing with me after my weekend snafu, I noticed myself in the mirror as I was getting dressed, and my back fat is melting away!! How wonderful! I'm even wearing bras that I haven't been able to wear in some time because they cut into my back so much. When I started NS, it was as if my tummy roll and back fat were trying to meet in the middle somewhere. Now my belly roll (at least on my backside) is gone, and my back fat is shrinking.

My tummy also looks better in the mirror. So, even if I'm not happy with the number my scale shows me tomorrow, I am happy with the way my body is beginning to look.

Maybe I'll take another picture this weekend. Maybe it will show enough of a change to finally start posting them. Maybe not.
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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

This is last August on a dinner cruise off Waikiki. It was Steven's birthday, super windy that night. I think everyone saw up my dress when I walked down the stairs from all the wind! Posted by Hello
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I was a good little NS angel today. I had wanted to write something earlier today, but Blogger was giving me heat and I gave up, now I can't remember what it was for the life of me!!

I don't even have any idea how much water I had today, I drank TONS. I also had some psyllum husk supplements to try to help me clean out my system. Took my vitamins with dinner. Stayed on plan 100%, absolutely perfect. I am impressed with all the water I drank, I wish I had kept score.

I am so full. I had the ravioli for dinner, ugh! I had to force half of it down. It is so ridiculously filling! But I had another one of those moments, where I look down at my plate of dinner, and want to cry at how beautiful it looks....this can't be diet food. It just can't! It's too damn good!

I have one more full day of being totally awesome before my 6th weigh in. I really hope that I can undo the damage I caused with my weekend splurge, boy will I be happy if I show a loss from last week! One can hope.

I still have to eat my NS dessert tonight. I have to find the room in my belly. Get in my belly!

P.S. Just a shout out to the NS BB, for those who read me, you guys are totally awesome. This plan would not be the same without everyone's awesome support and friendship. Mahalo.
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Strike 2 for CBS
Check this out. CBS has already written a story on the death of Terri Schiavo. I know this is a common practice in journalism, but you have to read this. The story that they wrote is insane. It disturbs me, there is something very wrong and one-sided and misleading about it. Especially the part where they talk about Michael Schiavo.

Read it here. Courtesy of
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Monday, March 28, 2005
OH MY GOD! This is the weirdest/funniest thing I have EVER seen
Click Me.
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"It is necessary only for the good man to do nothing for evil to triumph." - Edmund Burke
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Why does coffee make you poop?
Just wondering. Everytime I get Starbucks, I mean the instant I finish the last sip of my non-fat, sugar-free vanilla latte, I have the sudden urge to poop! Who needs laxatives, when there is a Starbucks on every corner in America? Just wondering.

I just placed my order at Amazon for my Nutrisystem Nourish book, and a yoga mat to help with exercises. The book cost a whopping $1.73 plus s&h, and the yoga mat was $14.95 plus s&h. My total was like $29. Pretty good. So I've got a DDR, yoga mat, and Nourish book coming my way in the next couple of weeks. Yay me!

It's fun buying stuff online. I'm addicted to it. I get pouty when the UPS man doesn't stop at my house.

Have you heard there was a new earthquake in Indonesia? 8.4 I think. Those poor people. Not 4 months after the huge one that caused a tsunami that wiped out their populace, and they have to worry about that again. I was actually amazed that so many people had no idea what a tsunami was. I grew up in Hawaii, I've always known what a tsunami is. It's just education. I was taught about it, we've had warnings about it while I was a child. I know the ocean, I know when the ocean disappears, you'd better run like hell. I know to listen to my animals, they know when something isn't right. It's from growing up on the beach. It's from knowing about the devastation caused in the past in Hawaii from tsunamis.

Anywho, gotta pee, again. Maybe I should get one of these.
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Sunday, March 27, 2005
Feelin' Guilty
*sigh* Ok, this weekend was a bust. I managed to stay on plan through breakfast and lunch both days, then my evenings got shot all to hell. Saturday my girlfriend came over, which you can read below. Tonight I went to Mom & Dad's for dinner. She made that braised beef stuff. Sooooo good. I had 2 helpings, then I kept eating bits when I was putting away the leftovers. I didn't eat more than 3 bites of my salad or asparagus. I had a Bud Light with dinner, then I ate a Hershey bar. Maybe I wouldn't feel so bad about tonight if it weren't for Saturday night as well. I think that one bad day makes me feel guilty enough, 2 in a row is too much for my little conscience to handle.

I wish I could lose faster, but it doesn't look like I can if I go over to Kailua for dinner every week. Maybe I won't do that for a while. Mom & Dad won't mind. I've really gotta get my ass in gear. I'm horrified that on Thursday I'm gonna weigh in heavier than my last weigh in already. I've gotta get this over with. I don't want to be using this food for the rest of eternity (not that it's bad or anything, just a little pricey after a while).

I want to be THIN!


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Party Girl
My friend Laura came over last night for margaritas and movies and pizza!! I released myself from NS for the evening. I think I had about 4 margaritas, 4 slices of thin crust pizza, and we had a salad before the dinner. I don't think I did all that bad, I enjoyed myself, and I know that this is life, something I can't avoid forever. We watched The Notebook, which I had already read. It was a nice movie, makes you want to cry at the end.

She stayed the night and left around 10 a.m. this morning. I hopped right back on the wagon. A perfect NS day so far. I was tempted to weigh myself, but I put the scale away last week so I didn't. I have to have faith in the program, and I know I'm not losing as quickly as I wish I could be, but I feel that this is more sustainable in the long run, because I'm able to go off it and not go completely crazy. Although I did eat another slice of pizza even though I was full.....I just didn't want to have leftovers!! I told Laura to take her chips home with her, because I would just waste them.

I'm happy. I had a nice evening in with a girlfriend who I rarely get to hang out with (due to her school schedule), I got to make some great margaritas, and I enjoyed some chips and pizza while watching a chick flick.

I am going to Mom & Dad's soon though, she's making the boiled spareribs again (think Oso Bucco). Those are really good, but probably really fatty. Right now I'm still debating if I want to eat that, or take my own NS food. It's starting to look like I'm taking weekends off!! Still, my desire to lose weight is there, but I have to practice eating in the real world too, right? I really wish I could lose more quickly than I am now, and still be able to have a life. *sigh* It will come. It will take time. I didn't wake up fat one day, right?

Anywho, my stepper sits in front of the TV, and I haven't bothered with it lately. I ordered DDR last week, so I expect to get it early this week, maybe that will get me to exercise and have fun at it. I think I might enjoy that! Baby steps though, I'm not humoungous, but I am terribly out of shape. I get winded after 2 flights of stairs. I'm just in bad shape. I can fix this! Maybe adding DDR to my life will get me to lose weight much more quickly from now on. One can hope.
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Friday, March 25, 2005
Hookey Day
I just couldn't bring myself to spend another day sitting in front of the computer at work today. Especially be Good Friday, where none of the subs are even working! For those who want to know, I'm a warranty rep for a new home developer. I essentially do quality control and turn over new homes to homeowners, and I handle their warranty claims under their warranty period. I send in the original subcontractors (subs) to repair their work. Since 1) we have no complete homes right now, 2) I have no open warranty claims, and 3) subs are all off on Good Friday, you can imagine I have NOTHING to do. Very very boring, that's why you see so much of me on the boards.

That should all change early next month. We will start turning over new homes, so that will keep me fairly busy.

But, I'm playing hookey today, checking voicemail and email from home. Of course, there is nothing going on that I am missing....duh.

I have to say that this diet has given me penis envy. Only for the fact that I have to pee like 10 times a day while I'm at work, and that means I have to down my jeans in a Port-a-Potty countless times......oh, how I wish I could just whip it out! LOL

I don't have much else to say today, just a boring day. I'm going to have to clean the house eventually, a girlfriend wants to come over for margaritas and movies tomorrow night, so I need to have the place presentable.

Other than that, nada. Boring boring day.
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Thursday, March 24, 2005
Slate on Terri
After reading a couple articles on Slate that were against Terri's life being saved, I found one that made sense.

Read it here
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Please Lord, save her from them
That's all I can think right now, please save Terri from these beasts. She is in there. Multiple doctors and nurses are reporting that she feels pain, that she can swallow, that she is aware, that she reacts, that she is not in a persistent vegitative states.

Someone in a PVS cannot feel or reach to pain. They give Terri medicine for her menstrual cramps because she moans and indicates (and according to one nurse, says "pai") that she is in pain. A doctor performed a test on her, where she was rolled onto her side, and poked with a sharp stick apparently. She moaned in pain. When he said to the staff, "Ok, roll her on her other side because I need to do it on that side" she moaned again. Before he poked her! She heard and understood him, and understood that he was going to hurt her again.

Please Lord, save her from them. Let this woman be. Stop torturing this soul. She is aware. She feels pain. They have morphine for her, because starvation and dehydration is a painfull way to die.

People comment on this, comment that she should be "unplugged", "let her die", "she's not in there", "she's been dead for 15 years", "this is what she wanted", "who would want to live like this?". These people don't know. They don't listen. They have eyes, yet do not see, ears, yet do not hear. They refuse to learn anything more than what the media vomits on them.

Haven't we learned not to believe everything we hear on the news? Obviously not, as some people are still going on the word of people like Dan Rather. Haven't you learned your lesson? Journalists don't necessarily know any more than you or I. They aren't unbiased, they have personal agendas that they bring to their reports.

This is how Hitler began, murdering mental patients. He put out a propaganda film, where the hero was disabled by an accident, and asked to die. The audience wanted him to die, because the film made you want it. Geez, doesn't anyone else think that sounds a whole hell of a lot like Million Dollar Baby? No agenda you tell me?

Right to die is one thing. Right to life is another.

Ask Terri what she wants. Give her the resources to communicate again. Do you know that early in her condition, she was actually learning how to walk again? Amazing. But you didn't know that. No, of course not. Because that would alter your perception of this woman.

Does anyone else notice this is happening right before Easter? Good Friday.

I am honestly beginning to believe that if this woman dies on Good Friday, the world will end. Does that sound crazy and melodramatic? Maybe. I certainly think that it is a blow to humanity, if we watch this woman be STARVED TO DEATH and do nothing. She might as well be beaten to death. We can all stand back and watch.

I think we need to save her. I think this is to obvious. I think she will be martyrd like Jesus, if she dies on Good Friday. I wonder, if she dies then, will she also rise on Easter Sunday? Hmm. Crazy, I know. I think something very big will happen.

I think something is very wrong with our society, that we will let this woman starve to death, and force her family to watch helplessly. It's the end of the world as we know it, and I don't feel fine.

On another note, get a living will. My mom kept calling me last night to make sure I get one. My mom is my mommy for the rest of my life. I know that my mommy will always want what is best for me. She and my dad will be my guardians, even when I marry. Until we all feel comfortable that my husband isn't like Scott Peterson, OJ Simpson, Michael Schiavo, and that he truly loves me and would only want to care for me, will I consider giving him my guardianship. My mother will never starve me to death. She knows what is best for me.

My father brought up the sleeper hold he learned in boot camp. We think Michael used this on Terri. You come up behind someone, and choke them with your forearm. It doesn't leave marks. It makes someone pass out, and simulates a heart attack. He is responsible for doing this to his wife, on the night that she told him she was leaving him. Why does no one see this?

Enough, I've said what I will for today. I am scared. I'm scared for this woman, and I'm scared what this will mean for humanity. I pray for her. Please pray for her too.
Written by Amanda
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P.S. I just want to be very clear that I in no way advocate the use and abuse of laxatives as a weight loss method. I do not use these on a regular basis, I keep them in my home for when I need a little assistance. It is unhealthy and should not be used on a regular basis to assist in weight loss.
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LOL, I'm excited!! I took 2 laxatives last night (this is not a way to lose weight!) because my body needed a little assistance, and after spending about 15-20 mins on the potty this morning pooping my brains out, I weighed in at 163.8!! Woohoo!

I absolutely wasn't expecting this today, and I'm really happy about this. I guess that I was just holding onto too much poo or something?? LOL Ew, sorry.

But I'm jazzed today. Totally happy. Everything is good. Good hair, good makeup, good breakfast, good weight, good with the diet since Sunday, good, good, good.

I'm so motivated to be a good girl, I've been 100%, and it's totally paid off!! I'm in love with NS!
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Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Tomorrow is the end of my 5th week
*sigh* I'm worried about my weigh-in tomorrow morning. I'm almost certain that I will still be 165, and I wish it wasn't so. I wonder if you get "whooshes" on NS like I did on Atkins, where you don't lose for a while, then one day you get on the scale, and "whoosh" you've lost 5 lbs!

I don't want to do it! I just have to be strong, and reassure myself that I am doing everything right (which I am, I promise), and that I'm just temporarily stalled here because it's a baseline that my body holds near and dear. 155 will be like this as well. I will have to get used to it, and just keep on going. I know that I'm doing everything right, just be patient, and I will be rewarded.

Ok, going to make sure I drink tons of water and eat lots of veggies tonight!
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LOL. I got on the scale this morning, and I just had to give a little giggle. I have been at 165.6 for the last few days! It just cracks me up to see the death grip my body has on this weight. It refuses to let this weight go! Well, it's just gonna hafta. I'm in charge here, belly. I have faith, that it the next week or so, I will have a decent loss of a few pounds. I have been 100% since Sunday, so I know that its not me.

I know my body, it was at 166 for weeks on Atkins, and 165.6 is technically 166. This too, shall pass. Keep on going, I understand that this isn't a bad sign, it is just my body doing what it knows how to.

I'm glad I've got a sense of humor about this now, otherwise I'd be a basket case, wondering what the hell I'm doing wrong.

Oh well, it's sad that I have to get stuck, but I know I'm heading in the right direction. I think I will take a photo tomorrow morning after my official 5th week weigh in, because I think that there is a somewhat noticeable difference in the belly and back fat areas. We will see.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
You like me, you really like me!
Ha! I just got great feedback from an NS member, JannyAnne. It's so nice to know that people read your blog sometimes.

Well, she's really lifted my spirits today, and after thinking about the 6 lbs. I lost in the first month, that really is a good amount of weight to lose!! No more pouting, I'm doing great. I've been 100% since Sunday, and I should be proud of myself. So what if the scale doesn't move this week, I know how much my body likes this weight. My tummy looked a little better in the mirror this morning, I could see my bellybutton much better than usual!

I am really enjoying the program, and especially all the support I get on the BB from everybody. It really makes it easy to want to succeed, and I have great expectations for NS. I know I will reach goal before summer is over!
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Monday, March 21, 2005
A little bummed today
I'm a little bummed that I'm at 165 today. I guess I just really wanted to do better, and reading the successes on NS BB are getting me down, because I'm not one of them. Yes, I'm jealous. I really want to do this and I don't want to do this forever!

Well, obviously I have to go at this 100%. I don't think I'll go to Mom's this weekend, so I can have a FULL week of NS-goodness. I have to pick up fruit and milk and stuff today. I'm determined to do this right. I know I can get rid of all this stupid extra fat.

I do think I looked a little slimmer in the mirror this morning. Maybe I should try another pic to see if I'm losing inches.

I guess I'm just in a kind of depressed/bad mood today. It's my own damn fault. If I did this the way it was meant to be done, I wouldn't be here whining right now.

Resolution: 100% until at least 4/1.
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Sunday, March 20, 2005
Terri Continued
Is this a brain dead woman who won't feel any pain and wants to die?

Thank God, she may have a chance now. Can you imagine? Wouldn't it be incredible if a few years from now, after Terri has been given the opportunity to get well through therapy, that it comes out that Michael had a hand in her current state? Can you imagine? What if a murder was prevented, after it failed the first time around? Can you imagine? Wow.

Tears of joy. She deserves the CHANCE. Side with life, not death.
Written by Amanda
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Whoops, got on the scale this morning, up a lb. back to 165. Eek! I couldn't help myself. I put a little prime rib, and one scoop of mashed potatoes and some asparagus on my plate, then I had to have more mashed potatoes! I also had 4-5 beers, don't really remember. And as I was helping put the leftover prime rib away, I was eating little flavor bits of skin and the fatty pieces of meat *YUM*.

Oh well, at least we had fruit salad for dessert. It was delicious, and I enjoyed it, I think it was well worth it. That extra lb. will be gone in a day or two. I expect to be 163 come Thursday. I don't really feel that these off nights are affecting me to much, and it's good practice for me when I eventually reach goal and stop NS. I'm learning portion control, and even if something is yummy, there's no need for me to gorge myself on it until I wanna barf. I could've had quite a bit more than I did last night, but I kept in control, and I think that's what's important.

Anywho, just cleaning house today. I was going to make pancakes, but I ran out of milk, so I have to go to the store for milk, fruit, and salad dressing tomorrow. I will NOT buy any Easter candy (I'm talking to you Cadbury Creme Eggs). Pretty much on plan today, I was considering some popcorn, but I don't think I need it. I also got a little bit of exercise taking out several loads of trash....boxes from NS, and the box my new bed came in.

Speaking of beds, WOW is that a comfy bed! When I sleep late on weekends, I usually wake up stiff and sore. Not anymore. I'm getting a great night's sleep, and I really recommend this bed to everyone! It's a Novafoam mattress from Costco. It's a complete mattress, 12" thick, and it comes vacuum sealed in a box so it's a small when you buy it. It poofs up when you take it out of the packaging. Buy it!!
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Saturday, March 19, 2005
Weighed this morning, (ok I've been real bad about that), and I hit 164 today! Finally, that means I'm back to my start weight prior to my Krispy Kreme/Bud Light vacation.

Now it's time to get down to it.

I'm having dinner at Mom & Dad's tonight, she's making prime rib, which is heaven, so I'll have to make a real effort not to overdo it.

I also bought a new bed (those memory foam ones) yesterday, which is VERY comfy, but my upstairs neighbors were partying until 2 a.m. last night - bastards - and my dogs kept whining because they can't jump onto the bed anymore (the new mattress is ontop of the old mattress until I get rid of the old one). So, I can only assume I would've gotten a great night's sleep otherwise. I didn't wake up sore and achy, so that must be a sign.

I've also disabled comments on my blog, because some anonymous coward decided to write some nasty comments to a complete stranger. I just can't understand why people will expend more energy to be negative and mean than to be kind and uplifting. When someone's blog irritates me, I move on. When I come across a great blog, or a blog that touched me, I send a kind little comment. I never saw a point in hurting a stranger's feelings, just so I can unload on them.

I hope my anonymous commenter takes a moment to think about his/her actions, and decides that there are more important and wonderful things in life than to be cruel to a stranger.

This is the last time I will comment on this, since the anonymous coward has informed me that he/she will continue to read my post to see what other stupid things I will say. This blog isn't for you, it's for me, and I am done thinking about you, as I have many other wonderful things to think about in my life.
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Friday, March 18, 2005
Warning: The following has LOTS of angry swearing. You've been warned.

Wow, they pulled her feeding tube. What the hell is wrong with these people?

Amazing what the GOP did today to try to save her life. They subpoenad her for Grand Jury testimony, President Bush came out and said she should live, the House and Senate both tried to pass bills, but they ran out of time, and the crazy Liberals blocked it in the Senate.

Let me say it again -- what the HELL is wrong with these people?

She isn't on a ventilator, they aren't "pulling the plug", they are removing her feeding tube and letting her starve to death.


God, I hope and pray that the good people of the world *cough* Conservatives *ahem* can figure out something quickly to get her tube re-inserted. She has maybe a week before she starts to shut down due to dehydration.

God, I am praying for her. I wish there was more I could do. I hope they can do it, I hope they can save her from being murdered by her husband. Once again, FUCK THEM.

May they burn in hell. How can anyone believe anything the Liberals say anymore, it's all a load of crap. They are here for the poor downtrodden masses, yet they fight to murder a disabled woman.

Enough, I can't talk about this anymore. FUCK THEM. May they burn in Hell for all eternity if this woman dies. Because they are all murders now.

I wish I had an Uzi.

The spirit of humanity has taken a crushing blow today. I just don't see how we can recover from something like this. We are less than human. Let me take that back, THEY are less than human. You wouldn't allow this fate to befall a DOG, yet they fight for this fate to befall a WOMAN.

Written by Amanda
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Thursday, March 17, 2005
1st Month Pau Hana
One month down, with a loss of 6 lbs! Woohoo!

Ok, I know I could've done better had I refrained from the couple of cheats I've had, but considering those, I think I've done really good!

I've got my second autoship headed my way, and I've set a mini-goal of 10 lbs with this new month. So, on 4/17, I plan to weigh 155 or below. Tough? I don't think so. If I can be a good girl, and stick with it 100%, I think it will be a cake walk.

Now that I've seen hard results, I have great faith in this program, and I am oh so willing to follow through to the end. I've really enjoyed this month, I feel good, and I enjoy the food. My second month should be EVEN BETTER, because I've eliminated foods I know I don't like, ordered more of the stuff I know I love, and a couple of items I've never tried before.

I am just really happy right now, happy that it has been so effortless to get to this point. Good food, never starving, no pills, no gimmicks. I really appreciate this program, and how it's teaching me HOW to eat.

Onward to a new month, and a step closer to a new me!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005
100% NS (had to run around for breakfast cuz of the cat, but I managed to get it in eventually). Don't think I made my water, will down a couple of glasses now. Posted by Hello
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Here's my poor beat up cat, Lola. Got a bunch of stitches, cost $350! Bad kitty! I swear, it's like having a teenage son, bailing him out, and paying his medical bills when he gets his ass handed to him on a silver platter. I only hope the other cat looks worse! Posted by Hello
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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
P.S. 100% NS kick-ass day and 10+ cups of water! Yay me!
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Here's me and my BF Steven in St. Louis going up the Arch in the elevator--I took this, notice the clever use of my hat to hide any possible double-chin action Posted by Hello
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Kitty kitty
My cat finally came home tonight. I started freaking out and took the dogs out around 9:30 pm to look for her again, and she came out. After I got her upstairs, that's when I realized something beat the crap outta my poor kitty!

She's got some missing hair and little scabs, but most upsetting is the big hole in her side! I'm so upset right now, whatever did this to her had better not ever cross my path, or I'm gonna hafta beat the living crap out of it.

I gave Lola all the flavored tuna she likes, and she devoured it, she was absolutely starving! She must have been hiding out the last few nights, and she made a break for it finally. My poor poor kitty!

I'm gonna try to get her into the vet's first thing. The wound seems to hurt her, but not too bad. It needs cleaning and stitches, and I want to make sure it doesn't get infected.

I swear, I ever find out what did this to her.....whoo boy, watch out for a pissed off momma!
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Monday, March 14, 2005
Getting worried
I haven't seen my cat in a few nights. This always stresses me out, and she always turns up fine. Hungry and cranky, but it's not like I didn't go looking for her!

I've noticed cat prints on my car the last 2 nights (it was raining) and I'm assuming that was her staying dry. I took the dogs out for about an hour when I got home, hoping she'd come around. Some neighbors were moving in, so maybe she was too scared with all the hubub. I just came back from walking around in the cold dark night calling her, hoping the neighbors wouldn't think I was crazy.

She'd better turn up tomorrow or I'm gonna be pissed! I think Thursday or Friday morning was the last time I've seen her. This is a long time for her to stay out. I left food out for her yesterday in case she comes home and I'm asleep or at work, at least she can eat.

Stupid cat. This must be what it's like to have teenagers.

As for the diet, I think I only missed a fruit and a dairy/protein serving today. I got pretty busy at work, and didn't manage my NS soup until I got home around 5:30. So it was hard trying to cram all the meals down in a matter of hours.

Ok, bedtime.
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Almost 1 month!
Eeek! Almost a month on program, and I'm 166 as of today (so shoot me I looked at the scale today). Crap, I've gotta get my ass in gear for this week so that I can accomplish more than 5 lbs in a month!! That sucks! But it's totally my fault. The plan works, I just have to follow it. I have to step away from the people who wont accept that this is what I'm doing, and yes just 1 or 2 drinks IS going to hurt me.

That means I spent almost $300 to lose 5 lbs!! *sigh*

I have a few more days, I'm going to be faithful. I'm sick of this crap. I'm better than this body, I can have the body I want if I do this right NOW.

I will do this. I will follow through. I will achieve my goal. I will maintain my goal. I will get excited with each new day!

I can do this!
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Sunday, March 13, 2005
I've been a baaaad baaaad girl...
Oy! Tutu's party last night was fun. I kinda blew it though, there was really nothing to eat except for the veggie platter, I tried one of the turkey wraps, it was all soggy for some reason, and was full of cream cheese....threw it away.

So I nibbled on some gourmet crackers, a couple of veggie chips, and I had a Li Hing margarita. Oops! That was my mistake. I didn't eat hardly anything, but what I drank last night more than made up for any calories I missed with dinner. Geez, I had fun though, and I'm young, this is going to happen, so I tried to just roll with it. I just hope that I won't be disappointent come Thursday on the scale. I think that any damage done by drinking can be undone by being good this week.

Another problem is I slept most of Sunday, and haven't felt hungry or in the mood for a salad, so I'm screwing up today. Had NS cereal, yogurt, and NS chicken noodle soup. Trying to drink lots of water. I will fill my plate with veggies for dinner tonight, I can use it.

But, it was a great big party for my 80 year old Tutu. I think she enjoyed it, and it was great seeing some of her friends I haven't seen in a long time. Bill Brown, wow, he is getting very old and frail, what a nice man. Frank too, he's a doll, I'm glad he looks like he's got a lot of mileage left in him. It amazes me how much life these 70++ year olds have in, they could drink anyone under the table! LOL
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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Here I am getting ready to go to Tutu's Bday par-tay Posted by Hello
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Yippie Skippie
Yay! Couldn't resist, weighed this morning, 165.6 baybeeee!! Yeeeaaaah! See, being a good girl totally pays off!!!

I'm just kind of relaxing this morning, rainy and yucky outside, got my pjs on, reading the NS messageboards, drinking my coffee, doing some laundry. Kind of a nice morning actually.

Tutu's shindig is tonight, probably head up around 5ish. Her 80th/I survived cancer party. The woman hates birthdays, so we're not allowed to give her any gifts.....I may have to cheat on that.
Maybe I'll take a NS chili with me, eat that up there, and bring my dessert. Have my salad here, and mom says there is lots of healthy stuff (veggie platters, fruit, turkey wraps, etc.) to munch on, so I think I'll be ok tonight.

Beer wont be a problem, because no one ever has Bud Light up there. They drink stuff I don't like.

All in all, I think this should be a good night. I probably wont stray too far off plan (I may have to have a little turkey wrap pinwheel....just try and stop me!) But after seeing the scale obey this morning, I'm in a pretty good mood, and that makes it easier to be good.

P.S. I don't know if anyone even bothers reading this, it doesn't matter, because it's here for me, but if I do have any readers out there, please go to and read her story. If you are so inclined, please also show your support by signing the petition on her behalf. If you don't support this, so be it, I don't want to hear about it. If you do support it, just do the right thing and sign your name to the petition.
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Friday, March 11, 2005
Serves me right. I got on the scale this morning. What a doof. I'm up to 167!! Argh! It must be from the other night's badness. I should've just kept my butt off until Thursday. That's it, when I get home, I'm gonna put that scale back into the closet.

I'm skipping a going away party tonight for someone from work, cuz I seriously wanna be 100% for the rest of the month. I owe it to myself. I pay a lot of money for this, and I owe it to myself to reach the body that I want. No more screwing around and sabotaging myself. This is a great diet, I don't feel deprived of anything. I've just gotta hunker down and do it right.

I'm gonna have to do some serious planning for Tutu's (grandma) party on Saturday. Will eat before I go, and take a dinner and snack with me. Will buy a BIG bottle of water and keep it with me. I can do this (it also helps that Tutu is an awful cook!).
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Thursday, March 10, 2005
3rd Week Weigh In
Alas, 166. Bah. Oh well, I cheated like a fiend last night, popcorn w/ butta, 2 beers, fettucine w/chicken. What did I expect? It was kinda funny this morning though. I took 2 laxatives last night, I woke up around 3 a.m. feeling all sick, and this morning I peed and hopped on the scale, it read 166.8. Then I started getting ready for work, and I had to go, so after some more potty time, I hopped back on and was down to 166.2!! LOL! That was great!

So, I'm disappointed that I'm probably not gonna hit 10 lbs. in a month, but I've been losing every week even though I've cheated every week! I've made a promise to go the rest of the month without a cheat, and to stick to plan! I'm still really happy with this program, and I know that if I stick with it, I will only get skinnier and skinnier.

Oh, and I also have to keep in mind how I stalled out at 166 with Atkins. My body liked this weight for some reason. 2 more lbs. to go and I'll be at my pre-vacation/lonely-misery weight. This is really where I should have started....such a naughty girl!
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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
You're Getting Dizzy.....Very Dizzy
So I went to the Dr. yesterday. I've been getting all dizzy and woozy like when I was sick about 5 weeks ago, and I was getting worried I had a brain tumor or something. The doctor diagnosed me with positional vertigo, which is essentially when you look or turn your eyes or head a certain way, you get dizzy or woozy. He said its thought to be brought on by a virus (could be residual from when I was sick) and that it should go away in a few days or a few weeks.

I took the pills he gave me last night, didn't help a bit. I'll try them again in a bit. I'm just glad to know I'm not dying or anything.

Oh, and I cheated on the scale, I'm to 166. That's good, but it also worries me, because this is where I was stuck for a few weeks on Atkins, and the other day I was like 166.4, and today I'm 166.6.....I hope that doesn't mean anything. Serves me right for weighing any other time than on Thursday!

Steve got a job with Lincoln/Mercury last Thursday, and it sounds like he's doing really well there. I think he's gonna do great, and I'm really proud of him and happy for him. I hope to see him soon! I miss him sometimes. We talk all the time, so it helps.
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Saturday, March 05, 2005
Mommy Why?

My mom started a new diet on Monday, and told me she's lost 6 lbs. already. She always does this to me. When I started Atkins, she did something similar as well, and she did so much better than me on that also. It makes me jealous and annoyed. It irritates me, because now it doesn't seem like I'm doing that great on NS. I know that this rate is healthy. I lost 6 lbs. in my first week of Atkins. I'm having a hard enough time looking at other people's profiles and trying to keep positive about my weight loss, because it seems like everyone else is doing so much better than me.

It just annoys me.

I'm glad that my mom is losing weight and looking better.....I just wish I could be the one to do great for once. It's like she calls to compare, where I've only lost 4 lbs. in 2 weeks and she's lost 6 lbs. in 5 days!

*sigh* I talked to mom on the phone, and she's sorry, she's not trying to compete, and don't worry about numbers, worry about how you look and feel.

I feel better now.
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Friday, March 04, 2005
Whoooooo Doggie!!!
Was I a naughty girl last night!!!

I feel kinda bad, especially since it was the DAY OF my weigh in, and I had lost 2 lbs. last week!

Keala's husband Keola (cute huh?) is back from Iraq. They threw a big Samoan par-tay last night! Ono grinds bra! Lets just write it down, and take a look at all the food I ate!

3 Budweiser Select beers
1/4 cup Seafood Alfredo (YUM!)
1/4 cup Poor Man's LauLau (mmm)
1/6 cup Mac Salad
3 Brownies
1 Banana Cake

MMMMMMMM. Say it with me: "MMMMMMM".

Well, it was good, and it was all really bad for me, but I think I did ok on the portion sizes of all of it (except the brownies). Oh well, NS teaches me not to worry, one bad meal shouldn't hurt me, just get right back on track with the plan, and hold to it, and it should be fine at the next weigh in.

I hope :)
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Thursday, March 03, 2005
Week 2 Weigh In!
Yay! 2 total lbs. lost this week! I only lost 1 lb. at this weigh in, but that is because I cheated and weighed myself the day after my 1st weigh in. So total for this week is actually 2 lbs!

That makes 2 lbs. lost the 1st AND 2nd weigh-ins, for a total of 4 lbs. gone!

Yay me! If I can keep up this rate, I should hit goal around July/August! That means I should be around 133-140 by my Birthday. That's such a nice thought, it just makes me smile :)

So, I'm feeling pretty good right now. Except I've gotta pee. That's gotta be my complaint, is that I've always gotta freaking pee!
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Wednesday, March 02, 2005
Mindless Link for the Day
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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Cute as a button! Posted by Hello
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Ok Ok....So I'm not actually starting from the beginning...
I started the Nutrisystem (NS) "diet" on 2/17/05. I have about 45 lbs. I'd like to see gone forever. Of course, being an American Female in my 20s, I'm a professional dieter already. I remember doing SlimFast, Jenny Craig, low-fat, count calories, Dr. Phil, Dr. Shintani, Blood Type, Atkins, and good old working your toosh off. I've only had marked successes on Atkins (24 lbs lost in approx. 3 months) and working my toosh off (with the help of a trainer at 24Hr Fitness, as well as a low-fat diet). I got down to 135 when I was 19/20 working out at 24Hr Fitness, and I still felt fat (I don't have a crazy body image). I'm relatively short at 5'4", and petite, I wear a size 6 1/2 shoe, so I think 135 was still a tad bit heavy for me. I set my goal at 125 for now with NS.

I did really well on Atkins, but I was really dying, not being able to have my breads, pastas, rice, fruits, sugar. That was definitely a non-sustainable option. It worked great, but there is no way I could spend the rest of my life without carbs!

With working out, I just stopped going, and got lazy and ate junk food again. It was really hard work!

As I mentioned above, I began NS on the 17th, and after my 1st week, I logged a 3 lb. loss. That's great, especially because this plan doesn't deprive me of anything. I get to eat fruit. I get to eat pasta, rice, wheat bread. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything, so I don't feel like I'm on a diet. I'm also not starving. I'm eating often, and feel nice an satisfied throughout the day.

So, we'll see how well I do on this. I can see it being sustainable, because there is no deprivation or excessive exercise. The food is mostly good (few items I hate). I'm losing weight at a steady rate. Most profiles on NS log a 10 lb. weight loss per month. That's a perfect rate to lose at, and I should hit goal (if all goes as planned) around July.

At NS, it all seems to be about PORTION CONTROL! And filling up on healthy foods (salads, fruits, healthy proteins) to keep you satisfied.

I will post my before photos, and probably take a new photo for every 10 lb. loss, so show a steady progression in my body. Stay tuned!
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