Friday, April 29, 2005

Because I promised you guys a it is, just a bit early for Mother's Day. Mommies come in all forms. Posted by Hello
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Mmmm, Chocolate
I feel so naughty! Why must NS chocolates melted down with strawberries or frozen bananas be so GOOD?! I always feel guilty when I eat that, because I totally feel like I'm cheating, then I realize that I'm SUPPOSED to eat this! Woohooo! Life is good when your diet MAKES you eat chocolate and strawberries. How could I not be an obedient little NS-er when I get petted on the head and given teddy bears and yummy desserts? I can honestly see myself doing this (or a variation) of this for the rest of my life.

Funny, cuz I said the same thing about Atkins....."oooh, this is a WOE (Way of Eating)." Yeah, whatever. How did I actually manage to convince myself that I could live the rest of my life without breads and potatos and pastas? And fruit?! How nutty was I? LOL, but I know that when I say this about NS, it is true, because it is real. It's real eating. It's not eliminating anything from my diet. It's all about moderation. And I love that. I can have a slice of cake if I want to. I will just keep it very small, and enjoy it while I have it. I will also eat healthy througout the rest of the day. The cake will not own me.

But anywho.....what a tangent. All I wanted to say was my partially frozen banana and NS chocolates tonight was SO GOOD that I felt a little guilty for a minute. I swear I thought I was cheating!
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God, I swear this whole week felt like a Friday to me. I was at work on Tuesday asking "are you sure it's not Friday yet?". It's not that this week felt particularly long, it just felt like it was Friday all week. But now it's official...FRIDAY! Woohooo.

Getting my haircut (which I desperately need) but I'm splurging on highlights as well as my 10 lb. prize. I was originally going to get a pedicure for my 10 lbs, but I couldn't ignore this rats nest atop my head any longer. The split-ender is ok for helping out between cuts, but there's only so much the poor thing can do, it's no miracle worker! After my haircut, I'm dying Mom's hair, then we're gonna go furniture hunting. I've been dying to get a new entertainment center. I've been using Mom's old one, which is a tall light colored pine armoire. I can't stand it, but I wasn't in a situation where I could get a new one, I was still in the new homeowner "hand me down" furniture mode.

We don't get much selection in Hawaii, and it's too ridiculously expensive to ship anything here, so if we can't find anything, we'll at least get ideas and put my daddy to work! LOL. That way I can actually stain it to match my coffee table too.

Oh well, I'm just so damn happy it's Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!
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Thursday, April 28, 2005
I don't think I get enough sleep. I am so damn tired in the morning, every single day. I wake up tired, and I don't remember my dreams (if I have any at all). I think I'm going to take a nap today, or go to bed early tonight.

I woke up the other morning to Cookie tossing Pound across the living room, luckily he wasn't hurt, so he's back to sitting atop my desk, safe and sound.

I also had a really good conversation with my BF last night, for those who caught my post on the BB last week, you may understand better. I had been kinda snippy and short with him online the last couple of days, so he got irritated an got offline. When I called him, we were snippy for a little bit, then I just let it all go, and I dumped all my fears and concerns about him coming back and everything being the same, and he listened to me, and said all the right things. He understood why I wanted him to find his own place, and he wasn't mad at all (I thought he was). He also understands that if some of the things we went through before he left reoccur, I will leave him. I think I was scared that I would break his heart if he came all the way back and I ended up dumping him. He understood everything that had been on my mind, and he assured me things would be different, and if not, he already knows that I won't stand for a lot of things again.

It was really nice to get that off my chest, and I feel like I'm ready to give it a second try. I feel happier, and I actually miss him again. I think I was resentfull, thinking that if he came back, I was somehow responsible to be with him, whether he screwed up stuff again or not, but I know that isn't the case any longer. And I of course know that I did a lot of things wrong too, and he told me what he'd like to see different with me. I think this time around things will be a lot different, he will know that he WANTS to be here, and it's because of me, and he'll have his own place, so I won't feel like I'm taking care of him.

I just feel so much better now. Funny how just letting go of something you hold inside can change your feelings. I really thought I had fallen out of love with him, but I was just all that garbage and turmoil I was holding in so tightly.

Words are good. Use them. Don't hold anything in, let someone know how you feel, good or bad.

OOOhhh, kind of a long depressing post today, huh? Sorry about that one guys, maybe I'll owe you a cute puppy/kitty pic for this one.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Baby Boy!

Here is my beloved baby bear, Pound. He is just kickin' it on my beautiful new table, watching me while I eat! Posted by Hello
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Here is my newly refinised coffee table! Bella! You can also make out my light wood laminate floors. I am going to order a slip cover for the couch, just waiting for swatches....oh, and can you find my dog Twinkie hiding in this pic? Posted by Hello
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Monday, April 25, 2005

I unstuck this photo from a picture frame in my home, it's all damaged on the left, and lots of noise from the scan. See the retouched version below. That is the photo I'm going to have enlarged and framed for Mommy for Mother's Day. Posted by Hello
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Check out these mad skillz I never knew I had! This is the finished retouched photo of me and Daddy. I'm around 5 or 6 I think, and funny enough, this tree is right behind the previous beach photos I posted from the weekend. See, I did grow up there! Look how tan and thin I am! Wowie, why couldn't I have stayed that way? Posted by Hello
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OH.....MY...........GAWD! 159.4............YIPEEEE
Hehehe, I tried to post this early, but Blogger likes to give me a hard time, I posted on the BB today as well, so to my readers, sorry for the repeat.

This morning *drumroll please* I weighed at 159.4!! Is that crazy? I think my eyes bugged outta my head. I didn't want to get off and back on, in case it was wrong, so I'm 159.4, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! I wonder if my slightly naughty weekend is planning on catching up to me on Thursday, if it knows what's good for it, it'd better not! I don't care :P I punched in this weight at NS, and if Thursday comes with a yuckier number, I ain't changing it, nope, can't make me!

I am so happy about this, my watch is loose, my new size 12 jeans fit fine (sure, a small roll cresting at the top), my new belt is on its very first notch, I got some sun at the beach yesterday, finished my coffee table....honestly, that lady on the BB is lucky that I'm in such a good mood today, or I might have been pissed off!

I was amazed to see that she was continuing something that I thought I had put a period on, but some people have nothing better to do, and nothing good in life to make them happy. Oh well, I know I have many friends on the BB (probably a nearly equal amount of enemies), and it doesn't matter what this woman has to say. Actually, I get kind of warm and fuzzy inside when I see my friends stick up to me over this. It's nice to know people have got your back when you're not around. So, aloha to all of you who appreciate me and care about me, and I truly love this BB.

Thank you NS, for bringing me the easiest weightloss, and some of the coolest friends.
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Sunday, April 24, 2005

To my left. That's the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base. Our little slice of beach (private access, but all beaches are public) is smack dab between Kalama Beach Park and Kailua Beach Park. Posted by Hello
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To my right, the Mokulua Islands. There is also Flat Island.....that would be the flat one on the left :). See the kite surfers? Pretty big waves for our beach too. I went in and got kinda beat up, I was exhausted after getting pounded by all those waves with no board. Posted by Hello
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Cheat cheat cheat, cheat cheat cheat, cheat your boo-tay, cheat your boo-tay
Spent all weekend at Mom & Dad's......refinished my coffee table though! It looks gorgeous, I forgot to get a finished pic of it. I have to wait for Dad to bring it out for me sometime this week, it doesn't fit in my little car.

I was good (sort of) on Saturday, I brought a fudge graham bar and an orange, we had salmon for dinner (at my request) and I had my NS caramel popcorn.....oops, did I leave out that I had 2 beers? Plus, Mom loves to cook everything in butter, so I have no idea if that salmon was as healthy as I think it was.

Sunday morning I had a bowl of Grape Nuts with Equal, one scrambled egg and a small bit (I swear) of hash browns, I ate leftover salmon, and orange, I had Safeway's Chicken Tortilla Soup (100 cals & 3 grams of fat per 1 cup). I missed a dairy and a fruit I think, and Mom made rotisserie chicken and mashed potatos which I know I ate entirely too much of, and will probably wake up with really really bad heartburn. Oh, and a beer! LOL. My Mom has to stop being such a damn good cook.....she said she'd make gruel next time.

I am so scared to see what this is going to do to me on Thursday, but it was my doing, and I did make sure to really enjoy everything I ate. I also laid out at the beach and got a little sunburned. I looked pretty lumpy in my suit, but I think it's getting better and better. See the photos from my beach above!

I bought some new jeans from Kmart on Friday, size 12's (old ones were 14's) and a new belt. I had to buy a men's belt cuz all the girl belts were silly and frufru. Why can't they just make a plain black belt? What, women don't wear plain black belts? Weird. The belt is a bit small, and the pants are slightly snug, so they will give me some good use out of them before I have to buy smaller ones. I am a little worried the pants will be too tight after my eating rampage this weekend.

Anyhow, not much more to say tonight, enjoy the photos of the beach I grew up on, yes, grew up on. Be jealous, you may hate me now. Wouldn't you expect me to be lush and tan and hard if I grew up in a place like that? Crazy, I know.
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Saturday, April 23, 2005
Yay, 161 again, I deserve my little bear, and I can focus on hitting 159 by the end of the month. Look how much time .8 of a pound wasted!

I got Pound my little NutriBear last night. I swear, when I opened the box and pulled his cute little face out, I teared up. I can't believe the feeling a little beanie bear can give you. I hugged and kissed him, and showed him off to my BF....he was like "Who gave you a bear?" LOL. I love my little baby, I "birthed" him. He's sitting next to my monitor looking at me now, he's so proud of me. I can't wait to give him some siblings.

I was gonna take a picture of him, but my desk is too messy and I'm being lazy. Maybe tomorrow.

It's back to Kailua for me again today to try to finish that stupid coffee table! Adios amigos!
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Friday, April 22, 2005
What gives?
161.8 again....what's up with that?? Take the bear back, don't deserve him! LOL. This is odd, it's not a weight I was expecting to get caught at. I've been on plan great since Monday, yesterday I did have a bit of roast pork after lunch (I counted it as protein, but was probably WAY too high in fat.....I resisited the Manapua, this was something I thought I could get away with!).

I don't like this. I had a stern talking to with my belly this morning, trying to make it understand how happy I would be if I could crack through to the 150's (i.e. 159) by the end of the month. I hope it got the message.

Off to another day on-plan. Let's say buh-bye now 161.8.....gotta make room for 159!
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Thursday, April 21, 2005
Worn off
Well, I wanted to post twice today about 2 different things, but Blogger was down for maintenance forever, so the moments have kinda passed. I'll just quickly reshash them:

1) Poop! I had a weigh in this morning, 161.8. Send my bear back! I guess this must be from Sunday, because I've been good all week, except I didn't eat my veggies one night. Grumpy.

2) Manapua Alert! Someone brought manapua to the office.....YUM. Many things I can resist, others, not so much. I had a real hard time with this one. I tried to rationalize why it'd be ok to have one. I picked one up and smelled it, looked at it for a while. I wanted it so bad. I went back to my office, but I could see them where I sat. I wanted to cry. Then when I got home, I realized I had taken my mind off it while doing something else, and I made it home in one piece without succumbing to the siren song of the manapua. One day, I shall have one, but not today, not after losing the honor of my NutriBear!

So, exciting, huh? Just wanted to put it up for future reference. Curse you Blogger, for taking the wind out of my sails!
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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Commercial spot
Hey, totally OT, but I want to let you guys know about Clinique's Total Turnaround Cream. OMG, this stuff is totally awesome! I read some reviews for it on and decided to try it. I got a jar from the Clinique counter at Macy's ($31) on Sunday, and tried it that night. It instantly made my skin all soft like a baby's butt, I couldn't stop touching my face! LOL

I use Proactiv, I've always had a problem with acne. It's great stuff, but it doesn't get rid of blackheads on my nose and chin. I've seen a slight change in those areas since using the Turnaround cream, and I hope with continued use they will go away completely.

I've got really uneven skin tone as well. I'm very pink and splotchy in places, and have very large pores on my cheeks. I barely used any foundation this morning. It has made a huge difference (to me) in my skin tone and softness.

I actually took a pic of myself last night before going to bed, after I washed up and put my cream on, and I was absolutely amazed at how I looked in the photo. I'm always all pink and splotchy in photos.......always.

Anywho, I'm trying to talk my mom into trying it. I am really impressed with this product, and I just wanted to get the word out to the people who actually listen to me :)

Oh also, I use Bare Minerals makeup. Love it, would die if I didn't have it. I don't use anything else anymore. It's natural and beautiful, but it covers when I need it, and I don't have to have a fit if I forget to wash my face before I go to bed.

Back on topic......I had to force myself to finish dinner tonight. I got my afternoon snack in kinda late, which made dinner even harder. I didn't have a salad tonight, but I was sure to eat my veggies. I've still gotta eat my dessert before I go to bed. Sometimes just eating all the food is the hardest part of this diet. I've NEVER had that problem before! Gotta love NS.

Goodnight, hope you guys enjoyed my pics. It's nice to actually own a camera for a change, and not have to see something beatiful and say "boy I wish I had a camera". So I'd expect more photos like these in the future.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

This is to the right of the islands. You can just make out the small white lighthouse sitting on the cliff. Isn't this beautiful? I used to drive this way to work every morning, Hawaii can be spectacular. I've lived here my whole life, yet I still slow down my car in awe when I drive through parts of the island. Posted by Hello
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This is Rabbit and Shark Islands. This isn't the very best angle to see the animals at, but you can still make out the Rabbit pretty well....see, he is looking to the right, with his ears pressed behind his head. The smaller island in front of it is the Shark, bad angle for it, but from the right angle it looks like a shark's fin coming out of the water. Posted by Hello
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Monday, April 18, 2005
10 lbs. gone--go me!
Doing the happy dance here in my chair at work......I am officially 10 lbs. down!! Have I mentioned before that I LOVE NS? Have I? Well, let me remind you then....I LOVE NS!

How wonderfully forgiving this is! I had prime rib for dinner at the 'rent's house last night, with some rice (I swear I would've eaten veggies, but they were brussel sprouts, ick!). The only ill effects I suffered from it was horrible indigestion at 2 a.m. God I thought I was gonna die this morning! Ugh! Too rich for me now.

I can be in the 150s by the end of this month! I know I've said this in a couple other posts, but it's my blog and I'll post whatever I wanna :P

Life is good. I am happy. I want everyone to do NS and get healthy and thin like me. Yay me!
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Saturday, April 16, 2005

And this was an awesome line of cars on their way to the shopping center.....I dunno what was going on, but following all these great classic cars was later a row of Mustangs and Corvettes! I just had to get a photo..... Posted by Hello
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This is Cyndi and her grandson Kingston helping out to feed Hawaii's hungry. Posted by Hello
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This is Keala, she coordinated the Food Drive at our company. Posted by Hello
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I worked hard today, gonna sleep like this guy tonight! Posted by Hello
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Friday, April 15, 2005
So this was my first time out clothes shopping since I've began NS. I don't tend to shop much for clothes because I wear jeans and a company logo shirt to work everyday, so my wardrobe necessities are really just weekend relaxed clothes.

I went to Old Navy for some light shopping. I picked up a pair of denim shorts (size 12) and a couple of their perfect tees (meds). Nothing special. I remember when I was an 8 at Old Navy!! LOL I also tried on a turqouise blue bikini, and was tempted to buy it, white whale blubber and all. I think I'm going to opt for the cute white and multicolored polka dot bikini I found earlier at LaRedoute. I'll still look white and blubbery in it, but I think I like it better. I did pick up a cute terry tote beach bag. Funny, living here all my life, and I've never really owned a great beach bag, one to hold my towel, sunscreen, mp3 player, etc. This one was cute and I can't wait to have an excuce to use it!

My only question is, should I buy the bikini in a 12, or a 10? Maybe I should wait until the official start of Summer to get it, the problem is, I don't know when the official start of Summer is! Everyday is a Summer day in Hawaii! It's the middle of April and hot and sunny, I'm dying to get to the beach.

Can someone tell me when Summer officially starts? Maybe that bikini will be a present to me, and by the time Summer actually hits, I could be a 10, and a little less blubbery. Unfortunately the only thing there is to do about the whiteness is to get out there and tan!

Tomorrow is a bust day for me. I'm volunteering for the Hawaii Food Bank with some friends from work. I'm a "sign waver". That's a fun job, but that means I'll only have Sunday to work on the coffee table. As much as I'd love to lounge by the pool or at the beach, I've really gotta get that table back. It sucks having to put your drinks on the floor, I'm always worried the dogs are gonna knock it over.
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Thursday, April 14, 2005
Thanks a bunch TOM, I owe ya one!
I feel so bloated right now! Ugh. I've been drinking tons of water, weighed in at 162 this morning, I know it will be lower in the next few days. The sad thing is that my belt was kinda tight today. It was digging in a bit when I sat and was bugging me. Curse this bloating!

I know it's not me, I know it's nothing I did wrong, and I just have to wait a few days for it to pass, but boy is it annoying!

I'm looking at a bikini at LaRedoute. Call me crazy, but I'm thinking of buying it for this summer. Perhaps a size 10.......maybe I'll have to buy another one later. I've worn bikinis for a while, always nice and fat in them, always nice and pale, and always nice and self-conscious. You don't know how disastrous a day at the beach with your bf can be to your ego! You see all these hot tan little bodies wandering around, you can't help but feel inferior. Maybe one day I can hold my head up high in my little polka-dot bikini.

Right now though, I feel like I'm back to where I started. I look and feel awful cuz I'm so freaking bloated!! I looked in the mirror after getting out of the shower and thought: "Geez, this is what 9 lbs. looks like? I thought I could tell a difference by now, I must be a cow!" LOL.

It's A-OK. I know before April is up, I will definitely be into the 150's. I've been busy at work, and with business at my job comes lots of walking, thus, exercise. So maybe my weightloss will accelerate a little.

I want to skip and do a little happy dance at the thought of being under 160 before the month is over. That is so exhilirating, I just can't put it into words. How funny that a silly little number on a scale can make you giddy.

Oh well, time for bed. Goodnight.
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I'm pooped today! Think I'll take a nap myself. Posted by Hello
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Month 2 Officially Over
Ok, end of month 2, with a total of 9 lbs. gone! Why oh why do my official monthly weigh ins have to coincide with my monthly visistor? LOL. So, I'm not taking this weight as official, I am going to weigh again on Saturday and Sunday, and hopefully I will be down to 160 or lower?!?

Time will tell, I'm still content with my belt-notch epiphany from yesterday, so I'm feeling good.

I was disappointed with the speed of my weight loss, but now that I'm seeing I'm dropping into another "weight bracket" I'm thrilled again. I wasted too much time fighting off 165, and I expect to do it all over again with 155.....oh well, that's life!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

One of the many delectable dinner entres from Nutrisystem. MMMmmm Posted by Hello
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Another notch bites the dust
Woohoooooo! I just realized today that I'm on the last (smallest) notch on my belt!! I didn't even really notice it until this afternoon. I'm gonna have to buy a new one soon.

I probably won't post my weight tomorrow, as it's TOM for me, but I'll probably take a peek at the scale just the same. I will probably make Friday or Saturday my official weight for NS. Hopefully I can get a total of 10 lbs. finally! I wan't my bear!!!!!

I was 162.4 yesterday (that was after 2 naughty weekend days) and this morning I was 163, so I don't know what kind of havoc my period is causing to my body right now. I can only hope that this weekend I can be at 160 or so.

Wow, do you know what that means? Before the month of April is over, I could very easily be into the mid-150's. WOW. How freaking awesome is that?? Just to be back into the 150's again! I haven't seen that in over a year, when I was beginning to put back the weight I lost on Atkins. April is going to be a very happy happy month for me if I can accomplish this. Wow, I just made that realization too. This is totally gonna keep me motivated to stick to my plan this month. I can totally do it!!

And that means by this time next month, I could be closing in on the 140's!! Oh NS, if you were a man, I'd marry you!

I'm so freakin' happy right now.....I don't think anything can ruin this high!
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Sunday, April 10, 2005

I swear to God I know what I'm WILL be beautiful when I'm done! Posted by Hello
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Pooped out
Ugh. I spent all day at Mom & Dad's house refinishing my coffee table. My hands are sore from holding the vibrating sander all day! I'm pooped, and I haven't finished it yet. I didn't even manage to sand down the whole thing! I did sand and stain the top, because I was eager to see how it would look. For some reason the stain didn't want to soak in very well in some spots, but I think it will look nice in the end. I will post a photo after this posting. In it you can see the ebony stain on the top, the blonde bare wood that is freshly sanded, and the reddish brown original stain of the coffee table.

I didn't eat on plan very well today. I had my NS pancakes, then in Kailua Mom made me a peanut butter and jelly (simply fruit spread) on some funny hazelnut wheat bread. I had a couple diet Pepsis, then I hit the Bud Lights. It just goes so well with a hot day working with tools.....ya know? Mom made an excellent dinner, and though I ate more than a proper serving, I did pop some gum into my mouth so I wouldn't be tempted to keep going even after feeling full. I have no idea how many calories I consumed today, and considering I was at a GF's house on Friday night drinking and eating badness again, I do really lousy on weekends!! LOL

I'm considering going off plan on weekends, but keep myself in check of course. It's not a license to go all out and eat whatever, but weekends are tough because I don't feel so hungry for some reason. Hard to get the foods in when I'm supposed to, so it leaves me open to eating odd things at odd times.

Oh well. I'm not going to fret. I got a great upper body workout from the sanders today, I'm sure I'm gonna feel it tomorrow. I hope I can still write.

I will go do some crunches and steps before I clean up for bed tonight.

Enjoy the photo of my work in progress. I know it looks absolutely hideous now, but please have faith in me, it will be really pretty when it's done, and I will post a photo of it on my new floor in my living room when it's all done!
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Saturday, April 09, 2005

The photograph above was taken by the crew on board the Columbia during its last mission, on a cloudless day.

The picture is of Europe and Africa when the sun is setting.

Half of the picture is in night. The bright dots you see are the cities' lights.

The top part of Africa is the Sahara Desert.

Note that the lights are already on in Holland, Paris, and Barcelona, and that's it's still daylight in Dublin, London, Lisbon, and Madrid.

The sun is still shining on the Strait of Gibraltar. The Mediterranean Sea is already in darkness.

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean you can see the Azores Islands; below them to the right are the Madeira Islands ; a bit below are the Canary Islands; and further South, close to the farthest western point of Africa , are the Cape Verde Islands.

Note that the Sahara is huge and can be seen clearly both during day time and night time.

To the left, on top, is Greenland, totally frozen.
 Posted by Hello
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Call me Bob Villa
Hooray! Daddy and his workers finished my wood laminate flooring in my living room-- it's beautiful. He also put in my new kitchen sink, and the over-the-range microwave. There was some damage to my old rotten particle board cabinets, and Dad has been dying to redo my kitchen cabinets anyways, so now he has a great excuse.

He took my coffee table home with him because I've been wanting to refinish it to another stain, and since the guys used it as a table for the chop-saw, they scratched it up to high heaven. In essence, they damaged the stuff I'd been putting off so long to the point where I can no longer procrastinate.

I've gotta wait to give my BF a call to double check that I have his permission (it's his table) to refinish the coffee table. I'd hate to do something to it and he forgot he told me a while ago I could.

Now that my flooring is done, my Mom's pine armoire/tv cabinet definitely does not match. I've been hunting for new furniture for ages. We don't get much selection out in Hawaii, and it costs an arm and a leg (and your firstborn son) to have anything of that size and weight shipped here, so I've been trying to figure out what to do. Pretty much waiting for the right pieces to come along. This makes for a very mismatched house. Now that my home improvement is getting forced down my throat (the carpet in the living room was torn out because the dogs peed all over it and completely ruined it), it's making me jump to action.

When you make one thing look awesome, it makes the bad stuff really stand out more. Like the hideous white (dirty and stained) kitchen counters (who picks white?), the old rotten particle board cabinets, the repulsive pink and white checked vinyl flooring. LOL. I've had 18" travertine tiles for the kitchen sitting in my living room for months. Now Dad and I will finally have time to do that next week.

This is my first home, and I've gotta say, it is FUN making it how I like it!!

Maybe you guys will get some photos when I get more of it done.
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These are my children. I just bought a new digital camera and I am playing with the features, this one is kinda neat, you can snap 2 photos and merge them into one 1/2 and 1/2. Posted by Hello
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Friday, April 08, 2005

Keep cool out there! Posted by Hello
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Thursday, April 07, 2005
162.4, there is a God. I was a good girl all week, and it payed off. I hope this means I'm out of the evil clutches of 165 for good.

That started off my day great, it all went downhill from there. Don't wanna talk about it, just let it be in the past, tomorrow is another day, and my weightloss is on the move again.

Just wanted to pop in and post, haven't had the chance to in a while, been busy. I'll post a puppy photo as well.
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Sunday, April 03, 2005
Boohiss! 164.5
Let me go 165! Trying to suck me back! I know I messed up last night, I just didn't feel like eating my NS dinner. I don't know, weekends I am not hungry, must be because I sleep in or something.

I ate about 1/3 of my NS dinner, didn't have my salad, so I figured I had calories to spare. What a dumbass I can be!! LOL. I had a single serving of 94% FF popcorn, I had 2 NS desserts, and then I had to go and have about 2 shots worth of Captain Morgans. I don't really know why, I just really wanted a drink. So here I am, the next morning, 164.6, crying and yelling in the shower, but it's my own damn fault. I'm coming close to the end of my 2 months (the 17th), and I still haven't managed to lose 10 lbs! I'm really getting pissy here, but it's all my fault. I have to keep to the plan.

Maybe I'm not ready for this in my heart? I'm irritated that I'm basically wasting all this money to screw up so bad. I am absolutely determined. I WILL lose 10 lbs. by my 2 month weigh in. That way it's not a total loss. If I don't make that goal, I will put NS on hold, because I am obviously not ready for it. It's a simple thing to do, so why can't I do it?
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Saturday, April 02, 2005
163.8....Deja Vu?
Here I am again, 163.8 this morning. I felt too guilty to post about it this morning, what with the Pope passing.

But miraculously I am back to this weight again. We'll see if I can get down to the 150's in the next 2 weeks or so!

I had a breakfast meeting followed by a 4 hour seminar yesterday, so I am rather impressed with my loss, even though I wasn't able to follow the plan 100%. I still made good choices, and I really lucked out with the lunch that was served. They had sandwich and fruit salad fixin's there, and I had 1 ounce of lemon pepper turker (delish) with a whole bunch of fruit (melon balls and grapes) because I wasn't able to get a salad. I followd that with my NS fudge graham bar, and a couple bottles of water. I don't think I got all my water in yesterday, but I couldn't be leaving the seminar every 20 mins to pee.

I am really proud of myself, and the scale and my body are reflecting my good habits. I am actually wearing my workout clothes again. These are snug yoga capris and a snug spaghetti strap top. I'm not seeing as many rolls, and I think I'm actually beginning to look good! Yay me!

I also attempted the SS chicken for lunch. Let me tell you, colors don't frighten me too much, and there are some pretty funky dishes in Hawaii (we have Portugese, Filipino, Tongan, Samoan, Japanese, Chinese, everything under the sun), but this SS chicken was awful!! I took a couple bites and decided to give it to the dogs, they liked it. The flavor was just wrong, too sweet or something. It was like someone dumped Kool-Aid in my noodles or something. Definitely won't be ordering that again!
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Rest in Peace
Pope John Paul II (1920-2005)

The Pope has passed away, at 9:37 p.m. on 4/2/05, Vatican time. He has returned home to his Creator and Lord.

I am not Catholic, yet I am touched and saddened by his passing.
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Friday, April 01, 2005
Strike that...
Actually, I take that back, I'm rather worried about the Pope, it looks like his outlook is grim. I find it rather, hmmm, "ironic"(?) that he is so ill right after Terri Schiavo's death. Perhaps he is dying of a broken heart? Maybe God is bringing his lambs home to him because we do not deserve them. Who knows? He is an old man, may he find peace in the ever after with his God. Amen.
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Nothing much to say today, so here's another picture.....SMILE!! Posted by Hello
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