Sunday, May 29, 2005
I am going to diet Hell.
You heard it here first, folks. Diet Hell is on the horizon for me. Here's Sunday's tally:

Fine all day, in fact, a splendid job spending the night at Mom & Dad's. Went to the beach, got a nice tan. Breakfast and lunch went without a hitch, dinner is what fucked me over.

2 pieces of BBQ chicken. Mind you I had only one piece, but it was SO DAMN GOOD I went back for another. Bad!

2 helpings of potato salad. Tried to have a small portion, same problem as the chicken.

2 beers. Whatever, my usual M.O.

1 slice of banana chocolate chip bundt cake. This I felt better about after she told me it was made with oatmeal and whole wheat flour, but still....

Here's the clinker: Linda felt the need to bring chocolate chip cookies. I crumbled. There is only so much one person can handle. 4 chocolate chip cookies and 2 glasses of milk.

That's it! I'm done for the night. I refuse to eat anything more!

All in all, it could have been worse, but it definitely could've been better. We'll see what the scale says on Thursday, I'm not going to feel to guilty about it, because I have been pretty great with NS since the get go, not perfect, but pretty darn good.

I'm actually sitting here hoping this was the kick my body needed to get away from 156. Who knows how I will react.

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend, still one more day left. Planning on staying over again and tanning up at the beach, I'm a hot little mama now!

Don't beat yourselves too much over any indulgences, consider how you would have fared last year without NS's mindset.
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Saturday, May 28, 2005
FYI....totally not this hot in real life! LOL

Isn't it amazing what clicking a photo at just the right instant is the difference in making you look like a goober or a supermodel??

I was playing with the webcam last night and somehow got my new profile photo. I tried and tried but couldn't reproduce it!

I am "teh hotn33z" as Farkers would say! LOL

If they only knew! Just remember kiddies, if you meet someone online, NEVER believe their photos, it may actually be of them......but photos can be totally deceiving.

Anywho, got the polka dot bikini on, heading off to Kailua for oodles of stuff to do this weekend!

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend! Be good to your body and don't go crazy with the food.

We'll all report here to bloggerland on Tuesday for accountability. Why do I have the feeling I'm going to be the one bemoaning all the beer and cake I had, while you were all good little NS'ers?
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Friday, May 27, 2005
I just stapled my FINGER! OWW!
Ok, I was just going to post how wonderful it is that it's Friday, and now I'm trying to type without my right ring finger! OWIE! I just got a staple shoved through it, trying not to gush blood everywhere. If I get lockjaw and die, please let my Mommy know why. LOL (hey that ryhmes!)


Anywho, thank GOD it's Friday. I'm EXHAUSTED! I have not been sleeping well at all this week, waking up to pee or answer the phone, I'm pooped!

I'm excited, I finally got a new pool key for my condo (Steve took it when he went to IL, then lost it...booger butt), so when I get home I get to lay out! Yay!

My furniture is coming next Saturday, yippee yay!! That was fast!

I'm up to 156.8 this morning....boohiss!! I think I'm not paying enough attention to my portions, so I'm going back to being very careful. That's how I was on Atkins, I would just be like: "Well, this one piece of bread won't kill me. " I knew what my body could get away with, but it would eventually get to the point where I wasn't getting away with it anymore.

Like yesterday, pretty sure I had too much milk in my cereal, then I had some mozzarella on my Rotini for dinner, stuff like that.

So back to basics, will follow the plan 100% and watch my portions. Get rid of the corn at dinner. No skipping salads. Can't let myself get away with slacking on the plan, I know it works, I just have to work it.

Other than that, I'm gonna have a great weekend! All weekend at the beach, it just doesn't get much better than that! And no work for 3 whole days!! Yaaaay! I'm gonna really try hard to watch what I eat, and avoid the beer! I really will try. Mom has been doing NS with her own food and lost about 2 lbs in the last week or so, but it makes it easy on me when she cooks stuff that is healthy. Last week she made terriyaki beef with lean meat and used Eqaul to sweeten the sauce. I'm sure I'll have plenty of healthy choices, and I still have some Morningstar black bean burgers there, maybe I'll grill one up.

I'll be too damn busy lying out in the sun curing my chronic paleness to be eating anyway!

Eat your hearts out mainlanders!! LOL :P

Specifically you, miss landlocked Tina!!

I'm so mean, I should join the club!
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Thursday, May 26, 2005
I admit it!
Ok, between you, me, and the wall, I just ate 1/2 of a round maple Dunkin Donut w/sprinkles.....I'm sorry. :(

I thought I could resist like I've done every other time, but I was closing the boxes so I wouldn't have to look at them, and I rationalized a little bite wouldn't hurt. I ripped what I had hoped would be just a little bite out of it, but upon further inspection it was actually more like 1/2. So there, I did it, I ate half a donut!! LOL

I'm ok now. I know this isn't anything to worry about, I just wanted to post it for accountability.
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I'll stay fat this week
No change in the scale, 156.2 to be exact. So I'll stay fat this week, I'm ok. I know my body, I know it's setpoints, it had better do better next week or I might start getting salty.

But all in all, it's ok. I didn't watch my Lost or American Idol I DVR'd last night yet, but I've already heard the news of who won (which I won't reveal here just in case someone has managed to dodge it so far). So I've got some good TV watching when I get home today. Can't wait to sink my teeth into Lost, that show is the BOMB! Plus it's all filmed in Hawaii, yo, so I've gotta represent!

AI has just not been thrilling at all this year. I guess cuz my faves all got sent home WAY too early. I would DVR them, then only watch the results show, and then it would be only the last few minutes after fast forwarding.

Ok, gotta do some work now. Toodles.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Oh my GAWD!
So I was getting ready for bed last night, and just for shits and giggles I decided to see how far I could get my old jeans on again. When I pulled them out of the drawer I was a little stunned to see that they were size 8's! I thought they were 10's!

So last time I did this I think I got stuck at the bottom of my butt. Last night I actually wiggled them on and buttoned them up!! Holy fucking shit! Granted, I looked like a stuffed sausage or like someone painted them on my thighs, but I got them on!! Screw you fat ass, I'm whooping you into shape!!

I still couldn't walk normally, nor would I wear them in public, but I got em on!! Woohoo!!

I also decided that I would not be upset tomorrow if I remained at 156. I know I'm hovering around another comfort zone for my body, but knowing that I sqeezed this ass into those pants will be enough to satisfy me for this week. However, if I'm still at 156 next week, better watch out, cuz heads will roll!!

Ok, next topic. Twinkie is doing fine, meds are helping, they seem to like their diet food just fine, and are ok with eating around dinner time, then I give them what's left in the morning and leave it for them all day. They don't seem to be starving at all. I don't think they were overeating, they just don't get too much exercize I guess. Plus, when I went on vacation Mom & Dad puppysat, and they were SO FAT when I came home! I didn't weigh them, but they've definitely lost weight since then! LOL

I also skipped 2 workouts!! I'm certainly going to workout hell now. Honestly, just didn't feel like it. I lose weight without it, I'm really only using it to help me shape my body better. Maybe I'll get more into it when I have a little less fat on me. I had considered doubling up today, but I don't want to right before my weigh in. I would freak out if I weight 168 or something because I overdid it on the workout.

Anyway, I don't wanna and you can' t make me! I'll do it when I feel like it :P
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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
Uh-oh Spaghetti-O!
I didn't work out last night! I know I know! I'm a baaaaad girl!

I didn't get home til 6 pm and I was just pooped. I took my little baby Twinkie to the vet because she was having trouble using her back legs! I was freaking out! The vet said she had a really mild case of hip displaysia and arthritis! She's two and a half years old for chrissake! Look at all these exclamation marks!! LOL

The vet also said she needs to lose weight! Hahahaha! At 7.8 lbs., she's a COW. Now she's on a diet just like her mommy. I put Cookie on one too, since she's 10.6 lbs., but a slightly larger breed.

Hearing Twinkie's prognosis crushed me, and almost sent me into tears (again! I had already been crying because I thought she was going into kidney failure or something! I'm a hypochondriac when it comes to my babies). We put our dog Kodi down about 3 and a half years ago because he couldn't walk his arthritis was so bad :( We tried so much, by the time we got him a dog wheelchair (hold his back legs up), his shoulder was so arthritic he couldn't use it. It was really crushing. He was only 7 years old.

So I'm really actually glad that I freaked out and jumped to conclusions and got her x-rays. Even though it cost me about $300, I'm glad that I know about it now, so I can be proactive about it before it becomes a major problem in the future.

The vet gave me Rimadyl for her pain, and ordered rest for 2 weeks. She said it's such a mild case that it shouldn't cause any problems, Twinkie just might be prone to soreness after a hard day of playing, which we can treat as necessary. Also getting her to lose about 2-3 lbs. will really help to relieve the excess weight her hips have to carry.

I'm glad they like their Eukanuba diet food. Makes life easy. I think it will all be ok. :)

But that's my excuse for not exercising last night! Got home and was pooped, and I had to eat and bathe and stuff. No time to workout, no energy either.

I'll be good and do my Tuesday workout when I get home today. I promise!
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Sunday, May 22, 2005
Could this be a mini-NSV?
I just spent the day at the beach in my size 10 polka-dot bikini I bought last month.

When I first got it in the mail and tried it on, it was truly obscene, with lumps of flesh oozing this way and that, and my bosoms were plotting their escape. I was getting ready to go to the beach today, and for the hell of it I decided to try it on again.

It fits so much better. Granted, it's still not a perfect fit, and definitely not the body I'm happy with, but today it was only slightly obscene (we like a little obscenity in our bikinis, right?) to the point where I would be ok wearing it to the beach.

I laid out and tanned today, I almost popped out when I was on my back, but no more than in my black bikini!! HAHAHA. I'm gonna get arrested one of these days!

Mom thinks my bikini is cute, she kept telling me. I just wanted to share that I'm melting away and getting cuter and cuter in my clothes.

Hope you all had a nice weekend, now get to work!
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Here's a new pic for you guys. I know I've been totally slacking! Enjoy. Posted by Hello
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Saturday, May 21, 2005
A gold star for MandaPanda
Yay! I did my workout last night! What I good little girl I am!

Heck, I did it at 11:15 pm last night! Had a good time of it. It wasn't NEARLY as hard as it was the first time around. I managed to keep up fairly well, and didn't need any breaks. Just took one break before the floor exercise.

Unfortunately, I find the "rolling" mat workouts extremely hard, and can't really do them well. I also think that's what bruised my tailbone the first time. Hopefully that will get easier.

I have to do the other workout today, which is purely mat workouts I think. So I'm just waiting for it to cool down, it's too damn hot. But I've been in my workout clothes all day, so I have high hopes!

I'm really enjoying this workout.

My nails are gorgeous, but my fingers are a little sore. I think just bruised from messing with them. It should go away by tomorrow. Otherwise I'll have to have all my fingers chopped off.

Oh yeah, last night someone called the cops on our horrible upstairs neighbors. Thank god they came. Every freaking weekend these asshole Navy guys party like they're in the middle of nowhere. We've told them they're too loud and they act all sorry, but they keep doing it. Unfortunately I think they think that I called the cops, because the cops were talking to me. I just happened to open my front door because I was personally going to go tell them to shut the hell up, and the cops caught me at the same time and asked me questions. The cops were irritated with the guys and told me to call them if the music came back on tonight. They said they were being a bunch of smart asses, saying "look, we have to listen to those dogs" when my dogs barked a couple of times. I told the cops it was because they were being so LOUD! LOL. The cops knew better and told them to STFU.

I hate these guys. My BF told me I should call the MPs on them. We've already called the resident manager, and I called the cops once, but no one came out, the cops came out once. If they keep this bullshit up I'm calling the MPs on them. I'm mean like that. My BF (he used to be in the Navy) said the MPs can bust them anywhere, don't have to be on base, and they'll come out if they are disturbing the peace.

Anywho, my rather tame rant is over. Lousy stinking assholes. They give Navy guys a totally bad name. They're acting like they're still in the barracks. We've got a bunch of little kids in the building too, so they're keeping them up. Total inconsiderate jerkoffs.
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Friday, May 20, 2005
I got my nails done today. I just got sick of looking at them all sad and sickly. Everytime I get a full set I tell myself I'm never gonna do this to my nails again......oh well, they grow, right?

I'm home, I snorfled a salad and some turkey down. I missed my fruit from earlier, I just forgot, so I guess I'll have a frozen banana and chocolate for dessert tonight....poor me, huh? Hehe

I was also happy that I got all the earrings I ordered today! Tried them all on, and I'm in love with all of them! I'm even thrilled with the 2 cheapie pairs that I didn't think were that great, I'm wearing the $2.49 pair now, go figure. As I mentioned before, go buy your earrings at They are dirt cheap, and they have a really fantastic selection of some truly gorgeous earrings. I got 6 pairs of great earrings for $30 plus s&h. Look at me plug away, I should get a commission.

I've managed to get on my exercise pants, I've gotta work myself into a top and some shoes to get to my workout. It's not that I don't want to workout, I just ate, and it's really freaking hot in here. Maybe I'll just irritate my neighbors and workout late tonight. It's Friday, who cares?

Funny, the last few nights I've been telling myself I'll go to bed early, but I get like this second wind or something and stay up late, then I'm all tired in the morning. I hate mornings. Need Starbucks.

So last night I was singing and dancing along with my LimeWire downloads in front of the computer. Probably looked like a retard, but had fun singing and dancing (probably got a nice workout too). I think my new favorite song is Big & Rich Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy. Yup. That's a fun song to sing and dance to. Try it ladies. You'll see you cannot humanly prevent yourself from shaking your ass and "swinging a lasso" when they come to the chorus about riding that cowboy. I promise. Funnest damn thing in the world.

Anywho, I've now embarrassed myself across the internet, so enjoy :)

I must go watch Judge Judy and work on getting all this food down before 8 pm!

BTW, does anyone else find the "Meanies" on the NS BB retarded? It's stupid, and I don't find it funny. There are some things in this world that I find too childish for my tastes, if that's to be believed.

However, if there was a Big & Rich's Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy club, I'd probably join up. So as you can see, my sense of fun is purely subjective. I'm a retard too. LOL
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I've got this big old mirror in my office sideways from my desk, so I can't help but notice myself every so often, and I swear my face looks rounder and fatter than ever!!

I'll catch a glimpse and think "Geez, 15 lbs. gone and I still have jowls and chipmunk cheeks, what gives?"

Just thought I'd let you all know I see a big fat round face in the mirror every day!

Wonder what I'd look like without all the fat on my face? I've always had chipmunk cheeks. I was the cute little kid that constantly had people pinching my cheeks.....OW! I hate that!

Anywho, I managed not to weigh myself this morning. Yay me! I put on my pants before I started putting my face on this morning, so ain't no way in hell I'm ever getting on that scale with these jeans on!! I keep my belt on them all week, they have a cell phone on them, and a key chain. I'd estimate 5-10 lbs. for the jeans alone! LOL

I'm gonna give it my best to not be a scale junkie anymore. It's bad for the soul. Just gives you misery when you see the constant ups and downs. So I'm making a real effort to stay off unless the calendar says it's Thursday.
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Thursday, May 19, 2005
Lighter than he's ever known me
I was just chatting with my boyfriend, and I came to a realization. 10 more lbs. to lose, and I will be lighter than he's ever known me. 10 more lbs. and I will be at 146. The lightest I got on Atkins was 147. I was 135 long before I met Steve.

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13 weeks, 15 lbs gone forever
Ahhhhhh. Ok Mari, I forgive you, because I was down to 156 this morning. Success!!

Of course I'd love to lose much faster than I am, but as long as it's mostly constant, and always downward I can be happy.

Can you believe I'm still sore from my workout on Tuesday?? My goodness!! My sides are sore when I get into my car......ouch! And I think doing one of the "rolling" mat exercises I must have bruised my lower spine a bit, because that hurts like a mother! My thighs are a little tender too. All signs of a hearty ass whoopin. I shall continue with this self-inflicted ass beating until I have a hot little body.

They should send a bottle of Vicodin with the DVDs.

Anywho, I've forgiven Mari Winsor for my momentary 2 lbs. gain and ass beating, all is right with the world.

Squishy puppy is also back in the office hanging with me today! His dad Eric's MIL said he couldn't keep him anymore, so Keala gets to take him home today. I'm actually rather happy with this development. Eric was going to keep him outside and treat him like a dog. Keala will have him in and out of the house as he likes, and she's got little boys who will be able to handle the big boy. So I'm glad it worked out this way, she will treat him like a family member and not a pet, and that is how I have always been raised to treat my animals.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Damn you Mari, damn you all to HEEEELLLLLL!!
Warning: This post contains angry rants peppered with lots of angry cursing

*shakes fist*

Fricken fraken farking fucking horseshit!! 157.8 this morning, what that FUCK is that all about?!! Bite me Mari, I hate your guts now!! NOT FAIR!! I call foul!

She put some fucking voodoo curse on me with those bongo drum guys in the background or something. EVIL I SAY!

Ok, after my moment of horror on the scale, and after I decided not to toss it off the second story lanai, I decided I would drink an ass ton of water and take a laxative because I get all stopped up with NS! I can't understand it, but before NS, I would be like clockwork.

So I am going to drink lots of water, take my fiber and laxatives, and poop up a storm in the morning. I had BETTER be back down to 156 tomorrow morning or heads will fucking roll!

Luckily there was a post on the BB about someone else who had the exact same problem, and someone mentioned that right after beginning a new workout program, your muscles retain a lot of water. Well, she'd better be right about that, cuz I was perfect this week. I even managed to resist 2 days worth of brownies in the office, what more do you want from me?!

I'll give Mari another chance. But if she kicks my ass some more, only to make me weigh 170 again, I will hunt her down and rip her cute little blonde head off her tiny little hard body.

Ok, breathe, breathe, breathe. FUCK. I am just so annoyed! I don't want to be up this week. WAAAAH. :(

It's gonna be ok, right guys? I'm scared to weigh in tomorrow now!
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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Mari Winsor kicked my ass!
Ok, so my Winsor Pilates came in the mail today! Yay, right? I got my ass beat up by a tiny blonde. LOL

I flipped through the booklet, and I decided I would preview the workout I'm supposed to do tomorrow. I ended up getting into it (as much as I could, I had to take 2 breaks). You have to have a bit of coordination, as Pilates was kind of created for dancers. It's a fantastic workout. I had my blood pumping, a bunch of moves I couldn't keep up with or get the coordination right, but I'm sure that I'll get the hang of it.

She takes you through all these steps, and then she has a "grand finale" which is ALL the steps from the whole DVD. I almost died. And then I was surprised that this workout (there are 2 on the DVD) also had mat exercises. Those killed me! I sure hope I can sit up tomorrow.

I'm all sweaty and icky, but I feel great, the blood is pumping and I feel like I've accomplished something. I didn't have the energy to preview the second workout, I think it's all mat exercises, some of which are VERY hard!!

This is going to elongate me and give me better flexibility. I wonder if her claim of losing a pants size in 10 days will still work if I follow her workouts with NS food instead of her meal plan? Damn, then I'd have to buy new pants!!

Ok, off to the showers for me. God I hope I can walk tomorrow. I actaully found myself talking back to Mari on the TV, thanking her for the workout! Yay Mari! Kick my ass into shape.
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Monday, May 16, 2005
This is my declaration to myself.

I will be within 5 lbs. of my goal weigh (125) by October 17th, 2005. That will be at least a 41 lbs. loss in 8 months time. That is completely doable by NS and the health community's standards. I would have liked to see that weight go in 4 months, but alas, I don't think I'm going to lose 26 lbs. this month! LOL

I think I can reach this before October 17th. I should be getting my Pilates this week, and I will do it, I will.

You know what's really funny? Last year I read Dr. Phil's book (I always had a problem having a fat man tell me how to lose weight), and in it there was a page where you had to set a goal like this, and funny enough, I made a goal of reaching 130 by Oct. 31, 2004. Did I reach that? Hell no!! Will I reach it on NS? Hell YES!!

It doesn't seem like a pipe dream this time around. I have seen my body lose weight, and I know it can continue to do so until I have reached a healthy and happy weight. I've got the tools and the knowledge to do this right, and I am going to.

125-130 by October 17th, here I come!
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Ok, I had been 156 all weekend, which has been simply fantastic. I went to Mom's yesterday. For lunch I stopped at Jack in the Box, ordered a side salad, a Southwest Chicken Pita (the one that's like 300 cals and 4 g fat or something) and the fries that came with the meal. I had four and only four fries, threw the rest away, had a yogurt a little later. I had 2 beers (my usual on Sundays), and she made Shake n Bake pork chops for dinner. I had a small piece of pork, about the size of a deck of cards, and some veggies before she put butter all over them.

I was good, of course I could've been better, and this morning I'm up to 156.4. *sigh* So this means that instead of my body effortlessly shedding 0.1 of a pound to get down to 155.something before my next weigh in, it now has to shed at least 0.5 a pound in the next 4 days! See, I do this to myself.

It's not like I'm upset about this minor gain, it's just a mini-realization that every extra 0.1 of a pound I add on to my body just makes me have to get rid of it again! I know I can do it, just would like this to be a little quicker and easier.

When I started NS, I was really expecting to be down 30 lbs. in 3 months, so I must say I am rather dissapointed that I'm losing at half speed. I would have simply LOVED to be at 142 right now! Wouldn't that have been fabulous?

It's OK. I WILL be 142 in no time. Then I'll be 132, and eventually, even though it's not as quickly as I'd like it to be, I'll be 125. That is the nice thing about NS, is that I know it will happen.

I guess what I'm frustrated about was those beers weren't even worth it!! They weren't frosty and cold and wonderful, kinda warm and tasteless. Ok, that does it, next time I'm over there, no beer for me. If I'm going to be having my beer, it's going to be ice cold on tap in a frosty glass, and that's it. No iffs, ands or butts about it.

When I went to Budweiser in St. Louis, I actually brought back some Bud glasses with me. MMMM, keep that puppy in the freezer and it makes the yummiest beer in the world!! Understandably, it's been in my cupboard for the last few months!
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Saturday, May 14, 2005
Store Wars
Thanks to NOLATraci from the NS BB for this LINK.
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Here is a sleeping Squishy Puppy. He wore me out too. Posted by Hello
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Look at this sweet little thing! How could you NOT want this dog? Posted by Hello
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Squishy Puppy! Posted by Hello
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Friday, May 13, 2005
Squishy Puppy
So I got to spend the day at work with a pitbull puppy I temporarily named "Squishy Puppy". All puppies should be named that until a permanent name can be provided.

I was driving through my community (where I work) when I saw a little puppy sitting in a front yard playing near the street. Naturally I stopped my car and picked him up so he wouldn't get hurt or run off. (This is actually quite common, I catch people's escaped dog's all the time out there) I confirmed with some neighbors where the dog seemed to belong to, and they also told me he's out front all the time. I did't know if they kept him out there or he got out all the time. No one answered at the door, so I left a note and took squishy puppy back to the construction trailer to spend the day with me. He got me nice a muddy too.

Squishy puppy hung out, he got to cruise around the jobsite with all the construction guys, he got lovin' from everyone, including Keala from the sales office. Eric and Keala totally fell in love with Mr. Squish, and I told them that they should cruise by this house every morning and take him if he was ever out wandering again. If this dog can't be contained safely in his home or yard with proper ID, then he deserves to be stolen and taken to a family who will keep him safe.

So the owner finally called me, and Eric got all sad when I took squishy puppy back to her. I walked up to this woman, and I told her I found him in the front yard, and just wanted to keep him safe until someone called me, and she asked me if I wanted him. Unbelievable! I asked her like 3 times if she was sure and if she was serious. I couldn't believe she was just giving this little guy away. I bet she had been letting him out hoping someone would take him.

There are 2 types of people in this world. Those who love animals and treat them live beloved friends or family. And those who lock them in a small cage or chain them to a post and never treat them will love and affection, only using them like property. I got the feeling this woman didn't want squishy because he was a lovey little boy, and she wanted a mean pitbull.

So I walked back to the trailer, and Eric was totally blown away that I was giving him this puppy he'd been talking about taking home all day! He didn't believe me at first, and I can't blame him!

He was on cloud 9, talking about the dog house he was gonna have to spend his weekend building now, and all the money he was gonna have to spend on this little guy. I teased him a said, "Yeah, but you're totally loving it, aren't you?". He replied "Oh HELL yeah!"

So that was a really nice way to start a weekend. He got to take the cute squishy puppy back to his family, and they get to connect with a really sweet little puppy this weekend.

It was just such an odd thing, that I guess I'm still a little stunned by it all. I mean, how many times have you found and watched after someone's dog, only to have them offer to give it to you? A complete stranger!!

Oh well, NS BB is down right now, no biggie, it's been boring as hell lately. I can't hardly stand it anymore. Absolutely nothing interesting going on down there. Now I really only look for my name being mentioned, and reply when someone is looking for me.

I took some photos of squishy puppy that I will post this weekend for all to see!
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Thursday, May 12, 2005
157! Hooray! Hooray!
Yippie skippie, 157 this morning, boogie nose and all! I'm really happy about this, and it puts me at a 14 lbs. loss in 12 weeks. Another little NSV to go along with my SV this morning was my belt got buckled another notch down this morning. This was the belt I bought to replace my last one, and it barely went on the first notch when I bought it!

Not much more to say, I'm working today, but still a bit out of it due to the cold.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005
Ahhh, Dayquil
I was going to post earlier about only having the use of one nostril, but Blogger was having problems (is it me, or have they been having a lot of problems lately?), so now I'm feeling better after a shot of generic Dayquil.

I'm supposed to go sign Twinkie up for obedience classes between 6 & 7 pm tonight, but I've heard that the zipper lane (this retarded extra lane created with concrete barriers that goes into the other direction's lane) is still stuck in it's morning direction because a dump truck hit it this morning or something. That means that all the poor people who have to come home from town have the use of 2 lanes of traffic. How awful is that? The radio said it was already backed up. So I think that someone up there likes me, because I would have had to go to our Quarterly Meeting today, which would have made me have to deal with that traffic coming home.

Our infrastructure blows. Stupid city planners, totally worthless I tell ya. You get 3 lanes on the highway, which does funny mergey things until it's 5 lanes, then it does all this crazy mergey stuff again until it's down to 3 lanes of traffic, one of which is constantly being merged into by onramps. So it's move move move then it's stop stop stop. It all gets backed up in town because it's not enough lanes, and they've got buildings butt up to the highway, so they can't widen it.


Anywho, the coolest thing has happened with my scale the last 2 actually registerd in the O section, instead of the + section, which according to my scale means that my weight and body fat % are now in the normal-healthy range! Wooohooooo! That was so cool.

Weigh in day tomorrow. I've remained on plan even though I'm sick, and my scale has been rewarding me with 157's for the last couple of days. I should hope it will be the same or better tomorrow, so we'll see!
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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
I be sick, yo
I'm home sick. At least that's what I'm telling myself. Went to bad last night with swollen tonsils and a sore throat, woke up this morning with the same. I think it's more of a post-nasal drip thing that's irritated my throat, but the allergy pill I took hasn't helped. It could be the onset of a May. How retarded is that? I don't have a fever, I don't feel particularly icky, just the sore sinuses and throat, so I chose to take an easy day to keep me from getting sick, or passing it onto my coworkers.

I've been Ebaying last night and today. Somebody stop me! I lost one of my favorite earrings so I went to look for them at the original seller's shop. And I ended up buying and watching multiple earrings, then I moved onto some rings, because I've always wanted some bling (LOL), and now I'm watching Tiffany's keyrings. There's no end to it I tell ya!

I've opted to hold off on the ring bling because my pudgy little hands will certainly shrink in the next few months, and the Tiffany keyrings are always gonna pop up now and then. But I do love my earrings. They are really the coolest way for me to still show some femininity and style at work (in a corporate polo and jeans). I love my long dangly-jangly earrings.

You can see my first entry into huge dangly (chandelier) earrings in that Benihana pic. They are blue turquoise murano glass earrings which I love, and they totally match a shirt and slippers I have, which is kind of a happy coinicidence.

Anywho, for lovers of earrings and Ebay out there, take a look at, or visit the seller of the same name at Ebay.
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Of course I'm Yoda

You have earned the Green Lightsaber. You are wise
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with you. Other Jedi look up to you for
information. You would rather teach others the
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Which Star Wars Lightsaber Should You Have?
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Monday, May 09, 2005

Here is me with my Mom and Dad on Mother's Day. You sit at a big table with other people and the chef cooks in front of you and keeps putting food on the plates in front of us. Notice how icky greasy Mom and I look, that's from the dopey spa girls. LOL, we look so icky! And my body looks so freakish turned like that. (BTW I'm in blue, and usually not so icky looking) I swear I'm cuter than that!  Posted by Hello
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I completely forgot that a big 'ol cheat pops me out of a plateau! Well, I was certainly reminded of that this morning! The scale read 157.something, I didn't want to focus too much on it because I really want to base everything off my Thursday weigh ins, because I'm not getting a really accurate gauge of the rate at which I'm losing when I weigh in a willy-nilly.

I forgot, when I was on Atkins, I was stuck at 166 for a couple of weeks, until I boozed it up on a Mai Tai cruise with some friends. Hmmmm, actually, maybe Mai Tais are the magic ingredient to pop you out of a slump! LOL, I will have to have some Mai Tais when I get stuck again. Hopefully I will still be 157.something by Thursday!
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Sunday, May 08, 2005
Happy Mother's Day!
Hey, I hope you all had a great Mother's Day. I'm a little grease monkey right now, but I just wanted to pop in before I took a shower.

Took Mom to Serenity Day Spa for a hot lava rock massage and a facial. We had the "couples" massage so we could be in the same room together, then I sat in the waiting room while she got a facial. Wonderful massage, try it if you ever get the chance. My massuese was really strong though, she hurt me! I'm glad Mom didn't get her, or she would've been all beaten up! I took one for the team. She said her's was wonderful. Mine was great between the physical abuse, and I will be looking for scarring and bruising in the shower. But they didn't put our hair up or wrap it in a towel, so they ended up oiling up our hair the whole time, which was really annoying, since whe had to go to dinner at Benihana's with Dad afterword. That is why I'm a grease monkey. Last time Mom and I went to a spa they wrapped our hair in turbans to keep it out of the way and clean. I suggested they do that to the girl at the counter when I paid. Dumb.

When we were done, Mom and I had about 2 hours to kill before Benihana's opened and our reservations, so we sat in the bar by the pool and I had 2 Mai Tais and she had 2 daquiris and we shared a chicken sate. I was STARVING. I had my NS beans and rice before we left, but no opportunity for my extras and my snack. The 2 Mai Tais got sucked down by me much too quickly, and between the pineapple juice, rum, and sate, I had some wicked heartburn before dinner. LOL.

At dinner Mom and I were both greasy grimy monkeys but dinner was great. Benihana's is a japanese restaurant where they cook at your table, it's a big grill, and the chef puts on a bit of a show. Always fun, always fantastic food. I stuffed myself silly, but it was all mostly veggies and stuff. So what, I was naughty, I ate a bit too much, but I didn't really overdo it. No dessert. I didn't finish my steak, Dad did. I stopped eating when I was full, which was quick due to the earlier indegestion.

Anywho, they took a photo of us there, so I will post that in the next day or two and you can see my parents. I am a pod person, I look exactly like my Mom.

Well, I must de-greasy grimy gopher gut now. Hope you all had a great Mother's Day as well!

Oh I almost forgot, I gave Mom and Tutu a bunch of tulips each (Tutu didn't come, she wasn't feeling well, Dad brought her my gifts while we were at the spa), and they each were given the 8x10 photo I retouched. I didn't frame them because I thought they were a bit grainy, but they looked like they would look good under a frame.

Ok, I'm off!
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Here's my side on 5.8.05, here I can see a difference! Posted by Hello
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This is the side view on 2.20.05 Posted by Hello
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Here I am today, 5.8.05, at 159. I see a small difference, but honestly not much. Posted by Hello
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Here I am a few days before start on 2.20.05 at 171 lbs. Posted by Hello
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Friday, May 06, 2005
So I was thinking. I was lying in bed last night and my brain was still buzzing. I was remembering back to Atkins about 2 years ago, where I always seemed to rave that I lost 24 lbs. on. For some reason I thought I lost slower on NS than on Atkins, probably mostly because I remember losing 9 lbs. in the first week.

So there I was, thinking, and I seem to remember starting Atkins in April. And I realized I began my new job in September, and that was when I began to gain my weight back. So there I was, just thinking, and I realized something. That's 6 months. 6 months of Atkins, and I only lost 24 lbs. And on NS, I'm coming up on 3 months on the plan (2 weeks to go), with a total loss of 11-12 lbs. as of now. Geez, that's right on par, isn't it? I guess I'm just a slow loser, huh?

It makes me feel much better about the program and myself. It shows me that I just lose kinda slowly I guess. I certainly hope I can speed up a little bit on NS, so that I can lose a little more than 24 lbs. in 6 months! LOL That's a lame 4 lbs. a month! I had better be able to do that!!

I think it's because I seem to stall out every 5 lbs. So I got stuck at 165, now I'm kind of in limbo at 160, I recall having problems at 155, and I assume that this trend will continue on until I reach goal. I had no problems getting from 167 to 165, so that's odd. How does my body know the difference? Every 5 lbs. I lose it freaks out and holds on for dear life!
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Thursday, May 05, 2005
Well now I'm just irritated
159.4 this morning *thbpt* :P You suck.

That's it, I'm punching in 158.8 at NS, you can't stop me! Don't try, or I may have to hurt you.

I guess I should've saved the laxative for last night, then I probably would've had a number I liked. Now I've been stuck at 159.something for 2 weeks. I'm officially irritated.

I brought a dinner entree with me to work, I will try swapping lunch and dinners, maybe my metabolism needs a swift kick in the behind. I was SO good this week too! I even had that black bean burger at Mom's house on Saturday, remember? I don't think I can get much gooder than that!

I drove through Jack in the Box this morning for a lunch and dinner salad, and I had an epiphany! Why didn't I think of this yesterday? I bought an OJ. LOL. There's the elusive fruit serving I missed yesterday due to lack of grocery shopping.

I had a late meeting in town last night, and due to poor planning, I didn't get home and eat my afternoon snack and dinner until 8:30 p.m., so maybe that messed me up a bit, didn't give my body enough time to digest. I tried to stay up late because I ate so late, but apparently all that accomplished was making me tired this morning.

Mom cancelled on me yesterday, which was actually a good thing, because I don't think we would have had very much time to shop yesterday. We're meeting up today instead. I did go to the Naked Furniture store myself yesterday, and it was really cool, because I found the same entertainment center that I had sent a picture to my parents of. It was cool. This one was unfinished, and I'd have to buy 2 side shelves to go with it, which would total about $700, unassembled and unfinished. We're still going to shop around to see if there is anything that's divine and a better price, but if not, I will most likely buy that one and stain it to match my coffee table. Hmm, $700 is a lot!! LOL. It doesn't sound like a lot when you say the cabinet is $399 and each side shelf is $150. Isn't that funny how numbers look better when you break them up?

Well, Mom remembered that place being really expensive, but I think they must have found a better supplier or something, because the prices were VERY reasonable, considering everything is SOLID WOOD, and not some particle board or composite. Nice.

Eeep, I feel like I'm spending oodles of money, I keep asking Mom if she think's I'm going overboard with my spending, and she says that I'm not really spending that much, and I'm certainly not buying anything frivolous. I've had a hand-me-down entertainment center since I moved out 3 years ago, and my bed has been on the floor since I bought my condo almost 2 years ago, and my dresser and nightstand were both assembled and stained by me when I was around 16, LOL, so I guess I am buying reasonable stuff, right? I'm allowed new furniture, right?

Hahaha, I decided not to buy a new couch, and just get a slipcover for mine. I keep calling her whining, so she'll tell me I'm not spending like a drunken sailor.

So I've made a deal with myself, no more purchases after the bedroom set and entertainment center. I did my floor, and everything else can wait for a while. I've got to start paying off my debt.

So anywho, Mom is meeting me today and we're going furniture shopping, hitting all the stores to see what I'd like to buy.

Hmm, I think I've lost my train of thought again....there I go with those crazy tangents of mine.

I bought some Lip Venom at the mall last night too. $15. It's a little vial of lip gloss that actually stings your lips to make them plump and pink. I'm not to sure about the plump, but it certainly makes my lips pink. I have lips that match my skintone through the day, so I either have to make sure I have some gloss on at all times, or bite my lips, so this will hopefully keep them lip color. It's tingly and burny, like Denorex shampoo for dandruff. You know, really mentholly and kinda stingy, but cooling. I really love the feeling of that. I could sit with Denorex on my head all day in the tub. It's refreshing. So if you like that kind of thing, you'd like this stuff. Other people might think it hurts.

I don't know what else to say....hmmm, I'm signing Twinkie up for obedience school on Wednesday, and thanks to Tiff from the BB (of TLC fame) for some really great and helpful advice.

Ok, I'm going to punch 158.8 *shhhhhh* in at NS before I bore you guys to death. Don't tell anyone!!
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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
LOL, It's 11:30 am here, and I just discovered I left my yogurt and string cheese in the car. EWWWW. Tossed the yogurt, threw the cheese in the fridge. So now I'm kinda hungry, missed my fruit this morning, but I had my dairy (via my Starbucks) so I just wasted my yogurt.

Just wanted to vent. Dumbass.
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Boo-YA 160! I OWN your ass!
Take that 160--I OWN you! Anyone know what Boo-YA means, anyways? It is fun to say!

158.8 this morning, I dare you to try that move on me again 160, you will be severely owned when I am forced to open up a can on your ass.

I took my psyllum husk supplement yesterday, and a laxative last night (man was I stopped up this week for some reason). I drank a TON of water, and followed my plan 100%. I owned my scale this morning.

So I am once again happy. My official weigh in is tomorrow.....and damned if I forget which week this is already, but who cares, the scale is going in the right direction, slowly but steadily. Sure, it's taking me a bit longer than others, but I'm still happy with the slow downward creep. It certainly has never done this on its own.

On another note, I sat at my desk until 8:30 this morning before I realized I hadn't yet eaten my chocolate chip bar. LOL. Funny. I got a Starbucks (non-fat, sugar-free vanilla latte) this morning, counted it as my dairy of course, drank it all, got all hyper and jittery, singing to my coworkers (those poor dears), and I was so busy and full from the coffee I completely forgot to eat my breakfast!! I sadly was out of fruit this morning (sans a frozen banana), so there will be no fruit until later tonight when I can get to the grocery store.

Has anyone else felt the BB is a little boring lately? I dunno, but I've been lurking at the posts, and I just haven't felt the urge to really comment on a lot of them. I wonder why that is? Maybe it's because most of it is all stuff I've said a gagillion times already. Lots of newbies, which is nice to know that so many new people have found the glory and wonder that is Nutrisystem. I'm very glad for all of them, but I guess the same questions and answers get a little tiresome. And has anyone else wondered what happened to the trolls?

Maybe that's why I haven't been truly bothered by the last two beatings I was an interesting diversion. A little drama for my day. That's just so wrong, isn't it? :)

Going furniture shopping with Mom later today, got my camera all charged and ready to go. It's so hard furniture shopping in Hawaii. Our selection is not like the mainland, and you can't order anything, or it's outrageously expensive, so you just have to keep looking until you find either a) something that makes you swoon with love/lust, or b) something that you guess you like more or less, and it's not very expensive......LOL. It's that or continue to use the dresser I stained when I was 16 and have my mattress on the floor.

Ok, nothing more to add to this. My life really isn't all that interesting, but it's fun trying to pretend it is when I write here!
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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
160? Oh HELL no!
Yeah, whatever, 160 this morning, you can totally bite me :P

This is what I get for weighing every day. Today it was cuz I looked so skinny as I was putting on my makeup!! So I don't buy it Mr. 160, I know you're pulling my leg.

I KNOW I'm no 160 anymore, so you can kiss my beeehind :P

LOL, funny how a number can totally piss me off. Those were the words that came out of my mouth this morning *scale reads 160* ME: "Oh HELL no....uh uh, I don't buy it, you can bite me 160, whatever."

I then spent the rest of my time getting ready rationalizing that it was obviously incorrect, that I didn't drink enough water yesterday, that I had a little too much oil in my food last night, that I was a little stopped up, that I didn't pee enough, etc, etc. LOL

HAHAHA, Boohiss. I'm going to pout the rest of the day, and be 100% (like I have been all week) to make certain that scale shows something lower than 160 on Thursday! I need it to be that beautiful, sexy 158.8 again, because I need to actually weigh in, and it had better be lower than the last time!

Ok, gotta pee and get some more water.
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Monday, May 02, 2005
Flowers for Mom
Wow, I had always ordered flowers from one of the various online flower retailers before, always knowing that I pay an extra fee for living in Hawaii. Well, this year I couldn't bring myself to pay $50 for a bunch of tulips.

I've got Mom and me set for a hot rock massage and a facial for her on Sunday.....see how I sneak in pamper days for myself? You just have to claim you "had" to do it for whatever occasion. That'll cost me a pretty penny, but well worth it I'm sure.

I actually called, yes called, a real local florist. They can give me tulips for $15 a bunch of 10! Wow that sounds so cheap! I reserved 2 bunches for pickup on Sunday, one for Mom, one for Tutu (Tutu is grandma on Dad's side, you're gonne have to remember that for any future reference because I'm not explaining it again). I didn't have to give my credit card or anything. This is all to weird, doing stuff in the real world!

So on Sunday I'm going to stop by the florist, pick up my tulips, give one to Mom, have Dad take care of the other bunch, swoop her off to Waikiki for a massage with me, then I'll have to fiddle about for an hour while she gets her facial, then we'll meet Dad and Tutu and Coco (Dad's sis) at Benihana for an early dinner at 5. He'd better remember my tulips!

I'm proud of myself, I've got it all planned out. Oh! I almost forgot!! I ordered 2 8X10 prints of the retouched photo, if they come out good enough (should get them in the mail this week) I'm gonna have to get some frames and give one to Mom and one to Tutu.

See, this is where I feel bad. Mom's Mom, Grandma. We've never been close, she's always lived on the mainland. I feel bad, because it's my Mom's Mom, and I don't want her to be hurt that I do more for Tutu. I will probably just send Grandma a card. I don't know what else to get her at all. I will do a bit of shopping, maybe I will send her some chocolates as well.

I know! I will send her the chocolate dipped strawberries I saw online! Maybe. LOL, I just don't know.
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Sunday, May 01, 2005
158.8....Why didn't someone tell me about this sooner??
Seriously! Why couldn't someone have told me that losing weight was so damn EASY so much sooner in life?? I mean, the fat just melts off. I don't exercise one bit. Sure, I've got all sorts of exercise equipment lying about that I occasionally stare at and tell myself I should use before I plop in front of the computer or tv. But I never knew that making good eating choices and habits would result in my body just dumping the pounds off me left and right.

This is too easy. I got on the scale this morning, because now for me, slightly up or slightly down, I'm still a pretty damn happy camper as long as I'm in the realm of the 150's. But this morning I was 158.8. For a second I was funny is that. It didn't register in my brain that this is less than 159.9 for a second. Then I realized I had lost! And this was with dinner at Mom's house last night!

Yesterday was great. I got my hair cut and highlighted, and I'm officially cute as a button again; no more rats nest. The cut was necessary, the highlights were a present for my 1o lbs. loss. I'll take a picture when I feel like getting pretty, but it's Sunday, therefore I'm allowed to look like hell. Then I went to Mom's and dyed her hair for her. I've always dyed my own hair, and I do my Mom's as well. I've been working her into a darker color for about a year now, slowly she is getting there, away from the bleach blonde. She likes this color, she's not so pasty anymore. It's funny that she's in such denial about her real haircolor. She doesn't understand that her dark roots ARE her real color! She won't believe me when I say her hair is like mine, she thinks mine is so dark. It's funny.

But after that, my Dad oohed and aaahed at us, then we went grocery shopping for dinner. Isn't it annoying how you can go to the same store at a different location and discover that one carries a bunch of stuff you wish yours did? Well, the Kailua Safeway had all sorts of Morningstar things, and I grabbed a box of Blackbean Burger Patties for myself, and Mom made steak and salad for her and Dad. Oh god it was delish. I had my yummy bean patty with a salad, and a couple bites of steak, I did have 2 Bud Lights, naughty girl. When I got home I had a yogurt cuz I was a little short on my day's food and I was still a little hungry. But this morning at 158.8......well, it just proved to me that eating healthy is so easy and worth it. I didn't give up anything really last night. I had my beer, I had a yummy bean patty, I had a couple bites of steak. I wish I had known earlier that this was really all that it took to change your body. But I have to say, it's definitely nice to know now. :)
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