Saturday, July 30, 2005
If you've noticed, I've changed my Challenge weight to 151, which is what I weighed yesterday.

But, above that, you'll see I changed my current weight to 149.8. Well, I just couldn't NOT post that, right? That's what I just weighed in at this morning.

I think Saturday has to be my favorite day EVER! I think I have always had my best weights on Saturdays since starting NS.

It made me too happy to be into the 140's to not change my stats.

Have a great weekend!
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Friday, July 29, 2005
Wild Mink (with flowers)
I wanted to show off my "I lost 20 pounds pedicure", so here it is, with my blog and comparison pics in the background for further effect.

My favorite part of this picture has definitely got to be the toe hair. Bee-U-tiful!

The name of the color is Wild Mink, hence the name of the post. I actually wanted to post it so I would remember this color for next time, I kind of like it!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
And for my next trick.....
....I will squeeze my ass into the stringiest damn bikini of my life! A size 6 no less!

Image hosted by

Crazy you say? YES!

So the white polka dot bikini in the below photos was a size 10 when I ordered it. I, on the other hand, was not a size 10. They said it couldn't be done! Yes, when I put it on, there were no words to describe the disgust that welled within me, but slowly, surely, I shrank to fit it. Still unsightly, but no longer convulsion-inducing.

So, this stringy blue number is the next goal I've set for myself. The white one was a 10 when I was a 12. This blue one will be a 6 when I am a 10. Same same, eh?

I'm kind of going with the theory of the goldfish. As in: a goldfish will only grow as big as his little fishbowl will allow him to. So, I'm going to show my body a new suit, and explain to it that that is all the fabric I will allow it, I just simply cannot afford to give it any more. It will either comply and shrink to fit, or it will live with the knowledge that it has scarred small children for life and brought great shame to the family name.

I'm sick, I know. But this is fun! I like the thought of buying something that's a size 6!! I think the last time I was a size 6 I was 6!

Oh, and as for the Fat Fighter Challenger status email.....I'll try to get it out this week. I've been lazy and work is running me ragged.
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Monday, July 25, 2005
Oy vey!
Ok, I must confess. I ate a 3X3 brick of macadamia nut rocky road chocolate from the Big Island today. LOL

I just don't know what possessed me. It's been in the fridge at work for a week. I had a little bit when Keala brought some back, then it went into the fridge and sat. And today, for no apparent reason, I decided I wanted some. So I tried to cut it with the little plastic knife, but since it was in the fridge it was too hard so I just took a bite out of it. Then another.

So I left the pacakge on my desk and ran around and did some stuff at work. I had an appointment finally show up 2 hours, yes, 2 freaking hours late, all of 30 minutes before it was time to go home. Honestly, I was purely amazed. I was in a bit of a state of shock, and truly amazed. I have just never ever heard of anyone showing up to an appointment 2 hours late. That just doesn't even make sense. Tell me, if you were 2 hours late for an appointment (like your doctor) would you still show up, expecting it to be fine and dandy? Damn. I just can't get over how WEIRD some people are.

Anywho, I got back the my office after that appointment (I needed to for some company goals, yay overtime!) and noticed the box of chocolate was covered in ants.

You think some measly ants would deter me? I think there's something about growing up in Hawaii that makes you fairly immune to "icky" things. Where one of you might have called it a loss and tossed it in the trash, I pulled the rest of the brick out of the plastic wrapper, blew and dusted all the ants off, and ate it!! HAHAHAHAHA

My BF thinks I'm disgusting and is certain I'm trying to kill him. I'll eat food that's been in the fridge for a month. I'll eat something a week past expiration if it smells ok. I'll eat something I've left out on the counter all day.

I think Hawaii has the highest rate of food poisoning and salmonela cases. Seriously. We just grow up here with not worrying about crazy stuff like e. coli and mold and bugs.

I remember on more than one childhood occasion taking the lid off the cake dish and finding my precious yellow cake with chocolate frosting covered in ants. You'd throw it away, right? Not me and Dad. Heck no. It's still good!! So there we'd go, scraping off the top layer of ant-encrused frosting, cutting away the edges of spongy cake crawling with little black thingies. Once we salvaged for a while, we'd pop it on a plate and start eating slowly. If something moved, you scoop it off with your fork. Muhawhahahaha.

Ok, now you all know, I am disgusting!!! I'm going to shut up now.

P.S. I was a good girl and did my Pilates tonight.
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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Here's where I see the most difference. Posted by Picasa
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Sorry for the different image qualities and different swimsuits (too lazy to change after the pool), but I think you can get the general idea. Hmm, still fat though. Posted by Picasa
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150.8! 150.8! 150.8!
Holy fricken HELL YEAH!!!

I've done it! Finally! Oh. My. God. I've hit the 20 lbs. mark. Not only have I lost 20 lbs, but I've gone and lost 20.2 lbs!!

I am in a state of shock and ecstasy. There is a God. Truly.

I've been off plan for 2 days straight. I honestly thought when I got on the scale this morning it would greet me with 154 or something.

I don't know what it is about a good cheat for me that gets me losing again, but I like it!

Friday night went to a girlfriend's house for beer after a tough week of work. I think I ended up having 5 or 6 Bud Lights, a whole lotta chips and bean dip, peanuts, and cold fried chicken.

Saturday I went to the mall with Mom to use my Illuminations gift certificates (BTW my entertainment center is beeeyoutiful with all it's lovely candles and flowers) and we went to Jackie Chan's for lunch. We shared an order of Ahi Potstickers and Tea Smoked Duck. I had a couple chugs of her beer. It was muy delicio-so.

So quite honestly I am pleasantly shocked this morning.

So, here I am, as I promised, jumping up and down, bouncing off the walls, screaming with joy at hitting that elusive 20 lbs. mark.


I guess this means I have to post a new picture soon.
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Thursday, July 21, 2005
Fat Fighter Challenge Week 2 Weigh-In
Image hosted by

Ok ladies, since I haven't heard a peep from dear Edith, I'm posting a place for you all to log your weights. If Edith puts a post up for the weigh-in, please post there, but this is serving as a back up. I'll try to shoot out an email reminder sometime tomorrow as well, but I'll be pretty damn busy at work, so hopefully you'll all remember.

I think I'm going to keep logging the weigh-ins (if that's ok with Edith) with my handy-dandy little Excel sheet (felt like I was in school again!) because I like looking at all the pretty numbers and mailing you guys. Aren't I a barrel of laughs? LOL

Ok, well here's wishing everyone luck tomorrow morning, I'm not very hopeful, since I've been having major work stress, so hopefully next week can make up for me.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

This one is Willie Nelson I think. Can't tell from the pic too well, there are 3 male orange kitties. That's Mom's big fat dog Teddy, he is in love with the babies, we all think he want's to be a Mom. Posted by Picasa
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A closeup of Dora. Posted by Picasa
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Ok, here's a kitten pic I promised you all finally. Sorry, I know I've been slacking. This is Dora. I may have to steal her. Posted by Picasa
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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Thanks to Anna for creating an image file for me to post for you all! Posted by Picasa
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Great googly-moogly!

I was getting all primed to come and post a yipee about finally losing 20 lbs, and how it just seemed to creep up on me. Slowly, but still fairly unnoticed. Saturday morning I weighed 151.4. I was sooooooo close I considered just fudging the decimal and proclaiming my success! Honestly, it probably was 20 lbs., since when I first started I didn't punch in my decimal, even thought I'm pretty sure there is one.

I was also kind of jazzed to be able to punch that number in before Wednesday morning to get my 20 lbs. bear!

I held fairly steady the last few days at 152-ish, then this morning I looked in dismay at the scale reading 153. *sniffsniff* :(

No fair, I thought to myself. Why did I have to get my stupid period NOW??


Oh well. I know it's there. I know it's coming. I know in the next few days I will wake up and my scale will greet me with: Good morning Amanda, you rock, here is your weight, oh queen of all that is weight-loss.

I munched entirely too much last night. You ladies know how it is though. Nothing you put in your mouth satisfies your cravings. Nothing you eat makes you happy.

Thank god this only lasts a short time, or we'd all be 700 pound beasts!

Ok, be on the lookout for a yipee post. It could hit at any moment, so have your escape plans and emergency kits ready, ok?

You know what's wonderful? It's slow and it sneaks up on you, and you don't have to be perfect the whole time. Even if you dilly-dally on your path to skinniness, you'll still get there.
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Friday, July 15, 2005
Chinese Dance Troupe
I want to share this video with everyone because this is just simply one of the very coolest things I've ever seen!

The caption also states they are deaf or hearing impaired. This is amazing. Please click and enjoy!

Chinese Dance Troupe
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Thursday, July 14, 2005
Fat Fighter Challenge Week 1 Weigh-In
Image hosted by

Posting early due to time-zone differences

Ok ladies, here it is, our first moment of truth! I sent out an email to everyone as a reminder, now I need you all to log on with your usernames and post your Friday weights! You can also post your original weight and total lost so we can all see how well everyone did! Just be sure to be very clear which number is your CURRENT weight so that I don't get confused entering them into my spreadsheet.

Also, if you had a yellow box next to your name in the attachment I sent you, please email me back as soon as possible.

Hope everyone had a great week!


Next week we will all be posting our weights on Edith's Blog here:

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
NSV alert, sound the sirens!

I stopped at Kmart today on the way home and bought a pair of size 10 jeans! WOOOHOOOO!

Officially down 2 pants sizes (started at 14) since starting NS.

Funny, even though the scale doesn't actually tell me what I want to hear, I'm still shrinking. I love it!

Ok, on to business now. I changed AncientRotaryPhoneChick to her other username of Gonnabecanuck because her name was messing up my margins!! LOL. So she's be moved down alphabetically.

As for my FAT FIGHTER CHALLENGERS, I still need a bunch of you to email me with your prize pledge. I'd like to get those all by Friday.

Email me at
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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
New link!
Ok, I've manage to forget to post this link for so long it's downright disgusting. So I've done it right now, with a wet towel on my head at 10:11 pm.

Please welcome AncientRotaryPhoneChick to my list of NS links! She's been around for a while, and linked on all the other good little bloggers' sites. I'm wicked, what can I say?
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Hmmm, uuuuh, ok
An interesting development tonight.

I rescued a friend on the side of the road who'd just run out of gas, and on the way home I stopped at Jack in the Box for dinner. I had wanted to get it last night after a concert I went to, but got on the phone with BF and didn't get a chance to.

I ordered the #9, which is the Southwest Pita meal. Normally I dump out the fries as my special gift to the birdies, but tonight (left over from last night) I wanted those fries. I asked for some buttermilk ranch to dip them in too! I rationalized this would be my fat serving.

Anywho, the interesting development. As I was eating the fries, the first few were good, then I started to not really be able to taste them anymore. Somewhere in the past 4 months Jack in the Box fries have changed from mind-blowing sticks of pure fat joy to semi-tasteless sticks of ho-hum.

Don't get me wrong, I ate the whole damn thing. Hell, I even tossed the rolled up straw wrapper into my mouth thinking it was a fry! The whole time I was gnawing through those fries, I kept expecting the next one to be full of everything I remember, it was like I was looking for something that no longer existed to me.

I ate those fries. I didn't enjoy that as much as I thought I had been missing them. So, down one point for eating a medium order of fries with a cup of buttermilk ranch, up 20 bajillion points for no longer extracting the joy and euphoria I once did from them.

I think NS has sufficiently killed most future cravings of these. They just weren't all that worth it.

It's kind of interesting. I think we put the things that "we can't have" up on some crazy flavor pedastal, but now that I think of it, everything I've been desiring has been less than mind blowing. The beer, ok, sometimes it's mind blowing, other times is just ok, the fries, the prime rib, the everything else I've sampled since my diet has been something less than spectacular.

All except for that yellow birthday cake. Mmmmmm, yellow birthday cake. Does anyone else think that yellow is the BEST flavor cake around? With chocolate frosting and a glass of milk.

I guess some things deserve that pedastal. ;)

Ok, lets digest a bit then it's off to Pilates for me!

***UPDATE 9:38 pm***

Just so you all know, Mari Windsor and her wicked Pilates has delivered a harsh and relentless punishment to my tummy for my french fry sins tonight. I swear, for the workout she puts my abs through they'd better be rock hard one day.....I mean bounce a freaking quarter rock hard!
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Monday, July 11, 2005
I don't get it
Can someone please explain this to me?

So I put on a pair of pants tonight that a few months ago were ridiculously tight and unwearable. Tonight they fit well, kind of loose, probably close to the point where I wont be able to wear them again. But here's what I don't get. Wearing them right now, looking in the mirror, I feel fat! I see rolls under the shirt, from the side I see my belly sticking out further then I'd like, I see arm rolls at the ends of the short sleeves. I see fat. I'm kind of uncomfortable wearing this out tonight. I feel like I look awful.

Explain that too me. I just don't get it. I OBVIOUSLY look better than I did when I couldn't fit these pants, but now that they fit I feel like a big fat cow. Hmm.

I just don't understand. Please tell me I'm not alone here.

Anywho, I'm forcing myself to leave the house wearing this, because I know I must look better than I'm seeing. I must, right?

So, I'll check in later.

BTW, all you Fat Fighter Challengers, please check your weights in to ME on Friday since Edith is out of town. She'll be taking over again for the following week. I've asked her to post something on her blog, not sure if she'll be able to.

I'll post something every day about this, and I'll also post on the NS BB on Friday.

Don't forget! Be good!
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New Additions
I've just added the following new blogs. Please take a moment to check out their new blogs and see how they're doing.


If you have a blog that you would like linked here, please send me an email or leave me a comment below.
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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream
Because Batlangelina brought it up in her blog, and JannyAnne asked about it (damn, I thought everyone made their own ice cream when they were kids), I bring you this link, courtesy of L.L. Bean.

As a kid we used 2 coffee cans, one a little smaller than the other. You put the small one inside the big one, packing as much ice and rock salt as you can around it. Then you fill the smaller can with cream and sugar (in this case you could use ff and equal/splenda). Put the lid on the small one, put the lid on the big one, then roll it on the floor between two people. This is a great activity if you have kids. Let them roll it back and forth for about 10-20 mins.

When you're done, it's about the consistency of soft serve, you can eat it like that (yum) or pop it in the freezer to harden it up. It's real hand-made ice cream.

We've also used Ziplocs before, but they aren't as fun as rolling a can, and you never get it cold enough because your hands are in constant contact with it.

This cute little thing from L.L. Bean might have to make it's way into my kitchen.

As for me and my diet, I'm doing well! I have to go to a concert after work with a friend, but I will to my Pilates when I get home.

My home is gorgeous, I just look at my nice clean and (mostly) complete living room and smile. It makes me happy to be in there.
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Sunday, July 10, 2005

I spent this weekend BUSY. Yeterday I had my dresser delivered (the first one was damaged), a friend came and got my old entertainment center (which I had to clean out), Mom & Dad came over to fix my blinds, I went to Radio Shack to buy new speakers (old ones too big for bookcases) and ended up buying a new Philips home theater system because the price was right ($226 with a 2 year warranty because it was a floor model), got stuck in traffic on the way there because a brush fire started up and stopped traffic for about 20 mins. (I'll post if any of the pics I got driving in my car are any good), got home and put that together, watched a movie, and slept.

Some where in all of that I managed to eat. I got all my servings in (sans salads) at odd hours, but I got them in.

Today I did laundry, went to Home Depot to get a bunch of stuff for today, stopped at Jack in the Box for a southwest fajita pita (yuuuum), I put stained glass film on my bedroom windows that the blinds can't cover because of the a/c (very pretty BTW, easy and cheap), I nailed up the speaker wire along the ceiling neatly, put my curtains and rod back up, painted all the old touch up stuff I've been living with, painted part of the speaker wire, the little doodads that hold it in place, put everything in my new entertainment center, replanted some old plants and transplanted some new marigolds.

Whew! It may not sound like a lot when I put it all down, but it all took a lot of time! It almost looks like a home. I've been too lazy to put away all my NS food this month, so I've been digging through the box. I don't think I have the energy to do that tonight.

Anywho, my body must be getting a good workout, and it must LOVE the thought of competition, because the scale read 153.4 this morning! Looks like I may actually give some of you a good run for your money.

For all you Fat Fighter Challengers, don't forget to shoot me an email this week with your prize pledge!
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Friday, July 08, 2005
What a turnout!
What an amazing turnout this challenge has seen! Edith and I have compiled our lists.

Drumroll please.......

We have a total of 26 contestants (including Edith and myself)!! Wooohoooo!!

That means the winner will receive 25 unique and exciting prizes from all corners of the world, totalling anywhere between $130 and $300 dollars! How exciting! I know this makes ME wanna work my ass off to beat all you guys! Who will be the biggest loser?

But wait, we have gaps in our list!! Oh no!!

Please check to see if your name is listed below and comment or email back to me what it is I am requesting of you. I will complete the list that Edith started and will post the list of contestants and prizes as soon as we get all the info.


Itsbecca and Miko, we need your start weight ASAP, or you may be disqualified!

**Missing Info**

AncientRotaryPhoneChick - prize
AsharEdith - prize
Batlangelina - prize
Itsbecca - start weight, prize
Jamie - email, prize and NS username (if applicable)
Me@40 - name, email, prize
Miko - name, start weight, prize
Redsgirl - prize
Sandra S - prize
Saszygirl33 - prize
Tiredofthew8 - prize
Trappedinside - prize
Voluptua - prize

You all have until 7/15 to decide what you will be providing as a prize. Please email me by then so that we can all drool over the pot! Remember, if you have already pledged something and would like to change it, just let me know what you'd like to pledge instead.

Ohhh, let me give you guys a taste of the awesome prizes we're all vying for:

  • plush personalized challenge animal
  • fresh whole Dole pineapple
  • I love NY t-shirt
  • cold hard cash, baby! $20
  • 6 holiday rubber duckies w/backstory
  • monogramed roll-up toiletry bag w/bath goodies
  • set of beautiful beaded crystal table cloth weights that clip on the ends of a tablecloth to hold it down
  • $10 Walmart gift card
  • handmade glass pendant necklace w/black cord
  • Yankee Candle, Macintosh Apple or other autumn scent
  • handmade jewelry of your choice up to $40 from
  • National Treasure DVD plus surprise gift
  • hand made western decor mirror, straight from Texas and my Rodeo collection, made by my DH
And that's still with a bunch of people not yet pledged!! Way to go guys, for your great talent, ideas, and generosity to inspire us all to kick our asses into gear!

I will repost these super awesome prizes after I hear back from everyone, so until then, come and look at this partial list and drooooooool!

Written by Amanda
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Omygoodness!! Lookie at what I see on my sidebar! Unkymoods is back up and running!

Perfect timing too, looks like everything is coming around thanks to this Fat Fighter Challenge!


BTW, here is the list of pledged prizes I have so far. More to come soon!

Amanda - fresh whole Dole pineapple
Pamela - hand made western decor mirror, straight from Texas and my Rodeo collection, made by my DH.
Danielle - I love NY t-shirt
Maureen - 6 rubber duckies w/backstory
Megan - Personalized travel roll-up toiletry bag w/bath goodies
Sheryl - Yankee Candle, Macintosh Apple scented or other Autumn scent
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Challenge part deux
I think it's a good idea to name your prize as soon as possible. If you think of or find something better before the challenge ends you can submit it to me at a later date, but I think it creates more motivation if we all know what we're competing for! Post your prize in the comments and email it to me too, so that I can keep a copy for our records. My email can be found on the left under the "Send Some Love" section.

I have changed my Mini-challenge stats on the sidebar to conform with the challenge.

Today is the LAST day to sign up for this challenge, if you are interested, please see Edith's blog for details.

Please remember to post your weight every Friday on Edith's blog comments.

No need to share mailing addresses now, we will figure out how to get the winner's mailing address to the participants to keep some confidentiality.

Looks like an awful lot of competion! I sure hope I can whoop all your butts, cuz I don't think I wanna share my pineapple with any of you! :P
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Thursday, July 07, 2005
Hey everyone, I noticed in Edith's comments a lot of you are gearing up for this mini-challenge.

What say we make this juicy?

Let's get a consensus on how we shall judge this (i.e. most weight lost in 12 weeks, etc.).

Also, how about we all put something in the "pot" for the winner to take all? Maybe something neat you make or from the area you live?

My pledge to the Blogger mini-challenge:

I shall mail a whole Dole Pineapple to whoever wins.

Post in the comments what you will wager against everyone and how you think this should be judged. We're all working on the honor system and you all rock so we know we can trust eachother to come through with the prize!

So far from reading Edith's comments I have the following challengers:

AsharEdith - Edith
Redsgirl - Tina
Me@40 - sorry I don't know you're real name!
Batlangelina - Tressa
Voluptua - Anna
Astrauser - Amanda

If I missed you or you'd like to join up, let me know!
Written by Amanda
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This is my 20th week, and I've only lost 15 lbs. I feel that if I start from the top, knowing what I know now, and not screwing around, I can lose 20 lbs. in 20 weeks. Therefore, I should weigh 135 by November 24th. I've been inspired by Edith. I am starting all over again. Fresh. From the top.

Here are my new starting stats:

Begin: 7/7/05
Start weight: 155
Mini-Goal weight: 135
Goal DATE: 11/24/05
Current weight: 155

I'm going to post this mini-start challenge in my sidebar under my original stats.

Anyone care to join us for a little healthy competition to keep us going?
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I'm doomed
I am doomed to be a big fat cow for the rest of my life. Doomed.

I hate myself right now. I hate myself for the last 3 weeks of screwing around and fucking up on a plan that's so easy and not cheap. I am so pissed that I was 153.8 a month ago, and today I'm 155.

I hate that I take 2 steps forward and 3 leaps back. I hate that I've allowed myself to lose sight of what's important, and I hate that after a few months on any diet plan I turn into one of those people who think "oh, just a little bit won't hurt, oh, I can swap this for that".

I really wanted to do my Pilates workout yesterday, but I tweaked my neck at work and have an appointment with the chiropractor today at 4pm.

I had one extra fruit serving yesterday by accident. I had OJ with breakfast, then grabbed an orange for work out of habit. When I got home I ate an apple, once again out of habit, before I realized I had too much. Oh well, right?

The last few days I've had a rumbly tummy, and felt like I really had to use the bathroom, but once I get there nothing much seems to happen, and my tummy still feels full. I tried a couple of crunches this morning after I weighed to see if it would "loosen it up". Nothing. Bah.

I know I'm being punished for my own attitude and misuse of this diet, but I still think it's unfair and I want to whine.

Why can't I be like the thousands of other girls I see all over the place that can shovel it in and be thin? Or those that know when to stop and are thin? Why can't I have just been raised thin, then I wouldn't have to be working so hard to get to where I want to be, and have to break bad habits on the way?

Dammit all to hell.

Now I'm ultra pissed that Unkymoods is gone, probably forever, assholes didn't even let anyone know. There was always something cathartic and theraputic about logging on and selecting my mood out of the tons of choices. I always felt better afterward. I don't even have that anymore.
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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
I'm still pooped. Somehow, every single time I tell myself to take a nap after work or go to bed early, I end up staying up just as late as usual, or even a little later. Is anyone else crazy like that?

I always manage to find stuff I need to do when I get home, like dishes, laundry, email, TV, whatever.

I don't know if she reads this, but I want to thank Cygnet for telling me about the light Caesar kit from Dole. I had never seen it at Safeway, but I found it at Foodland last night, it was delish! Especially with the Bacos I added to it. I also found the FF Caesar by Cardinis. I will give that a try after I finish the kit salad.

There were over 100 brushfires on Oahu yesterday. HFD was very busy last night. 2 of them appeared around the valley where I work. This is old news to us, we're quite used to it out here already. It's neat to see the helicoptor come in for a landing at the park right next to us, or watch it make water drops. Thankfully, they caught some punk who they think is resposible for at least one fire on this side. It's just amazing that there could be that many in one day! And that was the day after the 4th of July!

Oh, and if you haven't already, check out JannyAnne's newly posted wedding and honeymoon pics, they're great!
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Tuesday, July 05, 2005
Happy 5th of July, everyone!

Here's the good news:

  • Lynard Skynard was awesome. What a great fuckin' show!
  • The best fireworks show I've ever seen, and I was in Disneyland for a New Year's celebration a few years back. Bayfest kicked ass with the length and quality of the show. I was so damn impressed, and fireworks stopped impressing me several years ago
  • I got in free, courtesy of an extra ticket from a girl who didn't want to go
  • I had one beer
  • I didn't have funnel cake, deep friend Twinkies (WTF??), corn dogs, pizza, cotton candy, caramel apples, or as much beer as I could afford

Here's the bad news:

  • I'm pooped. Got home around 1 am, at work late at 7:45 am, sitting here with my VENTI latte hoping I survive the day
  • My throat is raw from screaming all night at the awesome shows.
  • I shared an order of fries and onion rings. On a plus side (kinda sorta not really) that was my dinner. There was not much of a "healthy choice" type selection at the fairgrounds.
  • I treated myself to Dippin' Dots to soothe my raw throat last night
  • Everything was ridiculously expensive. I forgot how they raped you on everything!
  • We didn't go on any rides
  • I didn't take any pictures. I left my camera at home on purpose because I really didn't want to have to worry about a $300 camera all night

I had a great time. It was amazing. I've been to many Bayfests in my life, and this is the first one I've ever been to where it was more like going to a concert. The stage and seating area was huge, and the rides and food were scrunched in the back area. Normally, the games, rides, and food take up the whole place, and the stage is some itty bitty thing they shove under a tent near the beer and picinic tables.

Not only was Lynard Skynard there, so was Dog the Bounty Hunter. He's so awesome, I love his show. Too bad there was no way in hell I'd be able to get close enough for a pic with everyone, otherwise I definitely would've tried.

I'm proud to be an American. No one can ever make me apologize for being one. I was going to kick some ass last night, when they played the National Anthem during the fireworks, and I noticed people a few rows behind me were sitting on their fat lazy asses. Dammit, I wish I had started something. If you don't have the respect to stand, during the National Anthem, and show respect on the 4th of July, on a Military base I might add, well, you just don't belong here in my opinion.

I know we take for granted all that we have and all that we are afforded for being in America, but on the Nation's birthday, I think we need to take a moment and really appreciate what it means to be here in this great land.

I know it's a day late and a buck short, but hell, I don't think it's possible to be over-appreciative of everything we have and all the freedoms we are given.

Can you all imagine what it would be like today, if a bunch of guys got together, waged a war with Britain, then sat down and wrote a declaration stating they're making a new country with a new government? Insane, isn't it? Well, I'll bet it seemed just as nutty back then. But they did it, and we are all blessed to benefit from the crazy idea a bunch of guys had a couple of hundred years ago.

So I say to you today, here on my humble blog, because I was out celebrating you late last night:

Happy Birthday America

Written by Amanda
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Sunday, July 03, 2005
At last! The scale is inching its way back down from the disaster I like to call "last week".

Now I have to somehow manage to avoid the cotton candy, pizza, and funnel cake at Bayfest tomorrow. My GF said she has to have a funnel cake, so I will tell her not to share, and to smack me if I try to steal some!

You will all have to forgive me if I deem it necessary to have ONE beer while Lynard Skynard plays. It just might not be right if I don't, you know?

I love my big floofy white skirt. I feel like Stevie Knicks or something. It feels wonderful to have sooo much fabric draping around your legs. I wish it had pockets though.

I feel like I'm forgetting to tell you all something....hmmmm....I guess it will come to me later.

Everyone have a fun and safe 4th!
Written by Amanda
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Friday, July 01, 2005
Spring Cleaning
Finally did some spring cleaning with my links, removing blogs that have been abandoned by their owners, and adding a bunch of people that I've been neglecting due to my own laziness.

If you have been removed from my list, or have a blog you'd like added, please shoot me an email with your address and username and I will add you to my lineup. If you for some reason no longer wish to be linked here, let me know.

These ladies have been around for a while, commenting on my blog and others. Others have already linked to them because they aren't as lazy as I am, but please welcome the following NS ladies to my blog's lineup:


I wish you all success with your weight loss goals!
Written by Amanda
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Tubby Bunny Confessional
*sigh* Forgive me NS, while I confess my CPK sins.

2 Bud Lights
2 1/2 pieces of foccacia bread
4 slices BLT pizza
3 bites jambalaya
1 mushroom ravioli
many, many bites of chocolate souffle w/ice cream

I can tell that NS was punishing me, because I felt sick the moment I forced myself to stop eating. Hell, I felt sick while I was still putting things into my mouth.

I honestly don't know what gets into me when I am out with friends. I think they use evil voodoo on me or something.

I vow not to go off plan the rest of the weekend. I have had my fair share of beers and other junk all week, I have no need for it just because it's the 4th of July.

I no longer have any special occasions or whatnot to use as lame excuses to blow the diet, therefore, I will no longer blow this diet.

I know yesterday I said I'd do the Pilates every day, but I'm thinking I'll have to do it every other day, or I wont be able to move. I'm a little sore. Not too bad, but I think I'll hurt if I try to do it now. So, I will do it tomorrow before I go to Kailua.

I think I can probably work myself up to every day.

No more cheating, lots more exercising.

This is my last confessional for a LONG time.

I feel like a tubby bunny.

On another subject, I just bought a beautiful flowy white cotton skirt. I will wear it for the 4th. It's pretty and summery and very comfy!
Written by Amanda
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I'm in love...
...with my new blog template!! *sigh* It's so be-you-tiful I just don't know what to do with myself.

I can't make my no-right-click script work, but I've emailed the expert (see: Edith), so don't worry!

I have no idea what happened to Unkymoods! I'm somewhat crushed. Their site is gone too. I sincerely hope this is a temporary problem, because I've used and loved them for so long.

So, even though I weighed 155.6 this morning *blech*, I'm having a good day. Had to sit through a disgustingly long meeting, but I was given a lei (flower necklace) and a card from all the reps, and a couple of the girls who missed my birthday are taking me out to CPK for dinner.

I guess I'm having a slight problem with the weight because it's kind of like I'm still celebrating my birthday all week, so I'll try really hard to not let it get to me, and to definitely not abuse this, but get right back on track next week. I have no intention of going crazy at CPK, but I do intend to enjoy whatever entree I wish.

I'm going to the Bayfest on Monday the 4th to see Lynard Skynard perform live, how cool is that? Bayfest is a fair type setting on the Marine Base that they have every year. I have absolutely no desire or intention of having any crazy fair food or drinks.

I'll be in Kailua working on that damn entertainment center I've been putting off too.

I will be good. I will be good. I will be bad tonight, but I will be good every other opportunity I have. I have done my damage, I'm not happy with the numbers I see, I will be good, and it will be ok.

*sigh* How frustrating it is to be back at 155. I really should be much lower than I am by now, it's kind of ridiculous.

I was a very good girl and I did my Pilates mat workout last night. The DVD has 2 different workouts, one that's purely mat, and one that's up and aerobic. They want me to do the aerobic one 3 times a week, and the mat only 2 times. I don't like the aerobic. Actually, I do, but I live on the second story of a condo, and I feel rather guilty doing all that jumping and thumping with it. So I've decided I will do the mat exercises every day, so that I can get the effects of a Pilates workout. I have no reason why I can't lay down in front of the TV and do that.

So, I have until September 15th, (right? I have to look up my old post) to reach 23 lbs. total lost since the beginning to make my weightloss on par with Atkins. That will make me happy, if I can beat out Atkins. That's still 7.6 lbs. in 2 1/2 months. I can so do that! I'm even hoping that I can do the 7 lbs. by the end of July with the addition of my Pilates. You think I can do it? I just don't know if my body is capable of that! I sure will try though.

Wow, can we say ADHD??
Written by Amanda
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