Monday, November 28, 2005
Looks like I'm back on the wagon
Weighed in this morning at 148.4, not bad if you could have seen the food I was shoveling into my mouth all weekend.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday, those 4 days off were much needed.

I was going to quit the diet altogether until the New Year so I could start off fresh again, but I had a chat with myself and decided to give it another go. I'll be great all week, then I'll allow myself to go offplan on the weekends (not to go overboard though). I'm going to alter between my Medifast and my NS because I'm low on Medifast and have tons of NS. I'll probably stick mostly to NS dinners when I do my Medifast shakes, but I certainly won't limit myself to them.

I think with allowing myself to go off plan on the weekends I will free myself of the "need" to eat as much as I can when I can. It won't seem like I'm so limited.

Perhaps at the New Year I'll hop on the Medifast wagon full-force to get down to goal. I know the last 10-20 lbs. is the hardest, but this is ridiculous!

I have to say I'm impressed with my body's desire to remain under 150, and I think that's given me some much needed motivation.

I'm a little woozy today on just my shakes, coming off of my weekend food bender. Hungry and woozy, yup, that's me.
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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
I fucking quit
God dammit.

I had a hissy fit this morning directed at Steve. I'm such a bitch. I apologized.

I am so fucking fed up with 147 already. I am spending all this money on diets and foods and I'm still fucking up on my own big time. I am so pissed at myself.

Sunday was the day from hell and escalated into me eating whatever the hell I wanted to. Monday I started off in the right direction, but I couldn't keep my hands off the Ritz crackers and some spinach dip I had in the fridge and the flour tortilla crisps I made Steve.

I should be somewhere at a loss between 10 & 15 lbs by tomorrow. It's more around 5, and it's 100% my fault.

So, I quit. Forget it. Every day I do my best, but really, I am just anticipating the next day I "get" to eat lots and lots. First it was John Dominis, now it's Thanksgiving, soon afterword it's our company Christmas party, then our department luncheon, etc. etc. etc. What a load of crap.

Mom & I sat around on Saturday looking at recipes for Thanksgiving talking about how we need a lot of people to come so we can have a little bit of everything! We're such gluttons. I've decided to make brie popovers. I know I have no hope on Thanksgiving.

I quit. At least for now. I've got to get to a point where I won't be drooling at every party invitation. I'm thinking after the company Christmas party I should be good. Mom & Dad are converting their half of the house (it's a huge beachouse which has been cut in half as long as I've lived there and we rented out the mountain side of it) to a vacation rental and moving into the junk side to fix that up to make that a vacation rental and eventually build on top their roof for a permanent place for them to live. What does all that mean? Well, no more pool (at least while there are people there), it won't be as nice to hang out there every weekend, Mom probably won't cook like she always does, so I'm thinking the temptation will be lessened.

I've also got a huge box of NS that UPS left on my doorstep even though we left them a note to refuse delivery (I cancelled a smidge too late). I was gonna call NS and see what I could do about it, but I might just keep that for now and use it later.

The point is I've lost sight. I bitch and moan that I'm still fat while others are getting skinny, but I'm living from one fabulous meal to the next. I'm not looking at this right anymore. I'm only wasting my money at this point. I need to take some time off and reconnect with why I want this. Sure, I look much better at 147, but I still don't like what I see. I can imagine what I'd look like 20 lbs lighter, but I can't seem to let myself get there.

It's taken me almost a year to lose 25 lbs. How sad is that? I just get aggravated when I hear success stories now, because there is no reason why it couldn't be the same for me too.

Ok, I'm just totally pissed at myself right now. I'll get over it, I'll find my center, and I'll do this.

Maybe it's the Medifast that's making me go crazy. I dunno.

I'm going to eat. Not crazy, not as much junk as I can shovel down my throat, I'll try to make decent choices, I've got some NS in my drawer I'll have for lunch. It'll be alright. I can lose 20 stinking pounds. Just not right now, because my heart obviously isn't in it.
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Thursday, November 17, 2005
....Pure heaven. I have never in my life had such wonderfully delicious things in my mouth.

Oh my god. If any of you - ANY of you - ever make it out to Oahu, get your butt's to John Dominis. It's rather pricey, but my god, the food was divine. Pure heaven.

Keala and I sat next to eachother, and with each bite I had to hold back tears I told her. Have you ever had something so delicious that you want to weep when you eat it? Keala told me every bite she had to hold back "mmm" moans.

We went all out. I can only imagine what the bill was. Go there, do it. Eat as much as you can.

Here's what I had, you can start drooling now.

  • 2 ultimate cosmopolitans
  • escargot in a mushroom cap
  • crab in a mushroom cap
  • poke
  • sashimi
  • smoked salmon on rye toast points w/ cream cheese
  • shrimp cocktail

The above was just appetizers!

Here's the rest of the meal:

  • caesar salad
  • another cosmo
  • new england clam chowder (Keala shared)
  • macadamia nut crusted stuffed opakapaka (stuffed w/crab, scallops, basil) in a lobster sauce w/3 shrimp tempura
  • steak, lobster, crab (Chris shared w/me and I shared my fish w/him)

Now for dessert, everyone ordered something and we passed it all around the table

  • cappuccino (I didn't share)
  • chocolate bread pudding w/ice cream on top (I ordered this and shared)
  • creme brulee
  • mud pie
  • macadamia cream pie
  • ice cream and fresh strawberries
  • cheesecake w/strawberry sauce
  • disarrono (liquer)

Oh my god people. I have never in my life had such a delicious meal! Go! Come to Oahu just to eat here!

Well, Steve certainly enjoyed my leftovers last night, and even though he complained that he doesn't like fish, he cleaned his plate and looked happy ;) I was sad to see it go, but I knew I couldn't do that to myself again today. *sigh* There will be another time!

So today I'm back on track with Medifast. Plan on being 100% super duper! I feel that after that meal I treated myself to I completely deserve to be 100%!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005
I still see fat
How can that be? How can I have lost almost 24 lbs. and still see a fat body? I don't think I see much of a difference (but I know there is one and I can see it in photos). It's just so.....odd.

Anywho, last week was a bust from all my crap dinners. I weighed in at 147.4 this morning. Bummer.

I have a purse full of Medifast for today, but as I was driving in to work I realized I didn't want to waste all that Medifast, knowing I was going to be having a splendiferous meal out tonight, so I got McDonalds for breakfast. I decided to eat today.

I will be back 100% tomorrow, full force, making up for last week's dismal display. And to show you all I could do it, I ate my chicken and broccoli last night. I didn't waiver.

I can do this. It's not hard. I've got the means and the know-how. Thanksgiving is the next pending disaster, the only thing I can do is watch my portions and do my very bestest on all the other days. Really, how can anyone expect me to not eat sweet potatoes with marshmellows, mashed potatoes with lots of gravy, turkey, and a slice of pumpkin pie? I mean, C'MON! It's just un-American to think of not eating all that!

I think for dinner tomorrow I'll make Steven tacos and eat my NS tacos.....mmmmm. With lots of lettuce. That sounds good.
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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
What gives?
So, why is it so difficult to eat decently once you blow it? I can't figure that one out. I have had nothing but good intentions every night, but I haven't eaten a good dinner ONCE since Friday.

I've been 100% all day every day, but come my dinner meal, I've blown it.

Friday: Ruby Tuesday's queso meltdown
Saturday: Mom's rib/pizza disaster
Sunday: Leftover steak & potato from Friday
Monday: 2 sopes from a little Mexican place I like
Tuesday: ??

I've got chicken in the fridge waiting for me when I get home. Wait, I'm starting to see the problem and pattern! I've been out every single night. I haven't been home for dinner. Sunday we were at Sears for their sale and got home around 8 pm. Hmmmm.

I'm considering eating what I have of my NS dinners for my Medifast dinners. What do you guys think? I'm supposed to be eating "lean and green", so I don't know if the extra carbs of some of my pastas and whatnot would be a bad idea, any thoughts?

Life is so much easier when I'm home alone and can cook.

Now that I think back, when Steve picked me up from work he asked at every fastfood place we passed if I wanted that. This morning we went through the Burger King drive through so I could get a coffee and he asked me what I wanted to eat. That was it, I yelled at him and asked him to acknowledge that I'm on a diet and to stop offering me everything! He offered me Tostitos and cheese dip last night (I declined).

Boyfriend. Sabotaging. Diet. Must. Destroy! Arrrrgh!

Ok, now that I can really see (it helps to write stuff down) what is going on, I can see that it's not just me and a lack of willpower, I have been out of my own element and sabotaged by my man.

Tonight I will either have some chicken or an NS dinner. That settles it. And tomorrow night I've got my dinner coming to me, so watch out! I'm planning on having the macadamia nut stuffed opakapaka (its a fish), an ultimate cosmo, and I'm almost certain there will be a dessert in there!

Right after that, I'm back to it. It seems easier now that I see it wasn't me, it was my situation and my man. How many times am I gonna repeat that? LOL

I peeked this morning, I was 147.4, which was better than what I saw on Sunday morning (149!), but my poor eating has seriously hampered my quick Medifast weightloss. I can only make next week better.

Oh yeah, I also switched back to regular coffee instead of that awesome coffee I had raved about earlier. I little cup of half and half and a sweet n low.
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Saturday, November 12, 2005
TWO nights in a row of CRAP dinners. What the fuck?

Last night we were out at Walmart looking for a big cooler for Steve's boat and we were surrounded by fast food and I was getting hungry. I suggested we eat at Ruby Tuesday's because they have relatively good menu choices and a great salad bar. So we get seated miles away from the salad bar (I forgot all about it once we were seated), and the waitress offered us appetizers because it was happy hour. I turned to Steve as usual and asked if he wanted anything, expecting him to say no like he always does, and what does he do? He orders chicken wings and queso dip!! Bwaahahahaha. I was stunned. He almost never orders appetizers!

So we devour the queso and wings and share a steak and shrimp dinner. We don't manage to eat much of it but we give it our all. We get home, I drink the two beers out of the fridge.

So this morning I'm back at 147 something. I figure this was one day, a minor setback, all is not lost.

We go to the parents' house today. Mom has me toss in some pork ribs to slow cook for dinner. This all sounds fine, I'll have some pork, a slice of cornbread and some salad or veggies. I had all my shakes. Then tragedy strikes! Mom announces that the ribs are horrible and dry and we should order pizza. Then she discovers that when Dad put the cornbread in the oven he actually turned the oven OFF so it's been sitting in a cooling oven for 20 minutes and has not cooked. Dammit! So, by the time the pizza arrived (around 7:30 which is late for me now) I'm famished and dig in. I have 2 slices of the thin supreme and 1 slice of the hand tossed sausage and pepperoni dipped in garlic butter. Then we pass around the pan of super crumbly cornbread covered in the honey butter mom makes for a side, I have 2 beers and a bite of Steve's Haagen Daaz bar. I feel ill.

Let me repeat: Dammit. Dammit. Dammit.

Ok, tomorrow is another day. I still have my dinner coming up next week to contend with, and I still intend on eating and drinking whatever my little heart desires. I hope these 2 (soon to be 3) days don't put too much of a dent in my weight loss.

Hey, one bit of silver lining, I got my 6 boxes of vanilla that I won on Ebay today. Yay!

Tomorrow is another day, another chance to be 100%.
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Friday, November 11, 2005
Woohoo-hee-hoo!! (I peeked)
I peeked I peeked! 146.4 this morning....wooooooooooo doggie!

Jan & Tina, you'd better hurry yer asses up ladies! You've gotta try something new to kick-start your metabolisms. Remember my Mai-tai diet? Go out tonight and have a bunch of Mai-tais. I 95% guarantee you'll start losing weight again.

I've gotta go to dinner tonight at Black Angus/Stuart Andersons. Steak and steamed veggies for me.

Ok, scale is going away until Wednesday again.
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
148. Ta da!

That's 3 lbs. gone my first week, which is fantastic. The reason I'm pouting is because it's a number I've seen a dozen times in the last 2 months. Been there, done that.

Good news, that means from here on out I'll be seeing numbers that I haven't seen in years, and how can that be a let-down? My goal for next Wednesday is 145 or less. I'm going to stay off the scale until then. I know it works, I don't need to watch the daily fluctuations. I was 147.6 yesterday, and that drives me nuts that I'm 148 today on my "official" weigh-in day.

If I consistently lose 3 lbs. a week, I can reach my goal of 125 by New Year. Granted, there will be ups and downs (especially with the Holiday trifecta amping up to clobber me), hopefully there will be weeks when I lose 5 lbs. which will make up for those when I don't lose any. Hehe, I remember having this conversation with my self at the start of NS, telling myself (when I began in February) that I can reach my goal by my Birthday in June. Such is life.

I've gotta go to dinner on Friday night, but that's going to be kept to a fillet mingon and steamed or grilled veggies.

My John Dominis dinner is what's going to blow me out of the water.

I bought some more vanilla shakes on Ebay. So far the way this diet is going, I might push it beyond a month and go until I reach goal. It's really much easier to follow than I thought it would be. The shakes are yummy, and I have not yet experienced hunger and no real cravings (except for the new 7-11 coffee I discovered). I appreciate that Medifast is "all inclusive"; that I don't have to add on extras throughout the day as with NS. That was really what started to make me fizzle. I thought it was tragic if I didn't have any fruit at work or if I forgot to get a salad, and it was so hard to transport that to meetings and whatnot. With Medifast, all I need are my little portable packets and water, and then for dinner I can have a delicious and nutritious meal. I like that.

Yay Medifast! Yay Nutrisystem. Both are great plans. If you're a junk-foodie with no self-control, NS is where you should start. If you don't mind going what others think of as "gung ho" for a while, Medifast is great. I cant understand why those around me who know I'm doing it have to crinkle their faces and look at me with pity when I tell them about the shakes! They're really very good, and the food they are eating doesn't look like I'm missing out on much!


Whoops, I started at 151.6, so I've actually lost 3.6 lbs, just shy of 4 lbs. for the first week. Hurrah!

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
I was gonna post here my weigh-in, thinking it's been a week, but when I looked at the calendar, my official 1 week weigh-in really isn't tomorrow.

That's good news, because I still have a day to go and I'm down to 147.6 this morning, which is a 3.4 lbs. loss in just under a week. I think my first week of NS I only lost 2 or 3 lbs. I'm happy.

I don't like most of the "foods" that Medifast has to offer. The chicken noodle and cream of chicken are really the only things I can manage. I've really been surprised at how satisfying and delicious all the shakes and bars are though. I can really see me living off of yummy shakes and a bar for a few more weeks.

I'm going out to dinner at Black Angus tomorrow night with my boss and couple co-workers. It was our "prize" for doing a pumpkin carving contest from last year. Yeah, we're slackers out here in Hawaii. So I was looking at the menu, and I'm thinking I'll get the fillet mingon (smallest fillet) with steamed veggies and no potatoes. That falls within my plan.

Now, I do have a planned cheat next week. We are going to John Dominis, and I fully intend to cheat. I've never been to this restaurant, and it's one of the nicest ones on Oahu. You can view the menu from the website. *drool* It sits on a mini-peninsula so it's got water views all around, watching the surfers at Point Panic and the boats going in and out of Keehi Lagoon.

The "we" in the above paragraph is the President of our company, all the VPs and upper managers, and all us who work at our particular community. We had the most closings for the quarter (36 homes), which earns us a "Most Closings Dinner". This is the 3rd one I've been to, and it's basically where all the minions get to splurge on a fantastic meal and drinks on the boss' dime. It's always fun.

So, I will stay on plan tomorrow, and next week I'm going all out.

I'll be back tomorrow with my official weigh-in!
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Monday, November 07, 2005
No more compromises
The scale popped up slightly this morning (149.6), and I'm not sure if that's caused by my period being due any day, or if it's because I've been making slight compromises the last couple of days.

First I compromised with skin on my chicken and too much full-fat salad. Then a couple of itty-bitty cookies. Then at mom's house she made spaghetti. I picked up some chicken and she grilled me a piece (while the others ate sausages), but I still had about 1/4 cup of pasta (no where does it say I should be eating carbs.....remember, lean & green). I did eat salad with FF dressing.

I was freezing cold last night so I stopped at a 7-11 for coffee on the way home. There were two guys just perched in front of the coffee while it was brewing so I had one of the specialty cappuccinos out of the machine before I shivered myself to death. It was absolutely divine! It was cinnamon cappuccino, and let me tell you, it tasted exactly - and I mean exactly - like cinnamon toast. I have no idea what the nutritional info was on that, but I can't imagine it was good. I mean I could taste the toast! I missed one of my Medifast meals yesterday, and I figured to not eat it later because I thought it would compensate for any extra calories.

So, compromises. They suck. No more.

I think the most of it is caused by my period, but I'm going to eliminate the human error now. I'm not compromising. I'm going to swing by Safeway and pick up some skinless thigh fillets and more broccoli (the horrors, I was out of broccoli the other day). There are a dozen different ways I can prepere a piece of chicken to make it yummy and nutritious.

This morning I'm drinking a small coffee with a single-serve cup of french vanilla flavor and a little sweetner. I stood by and watched as 2 guys made some of the specialty cappuccinos out of the machine *sigh*.

I've got my 5 Medifasts in my purse, and I'm gonna have a nice piece of chicken and some broccoli while Steve is working tonight.

Stupid period.

Oh, I also put up my 2 boxes of Chili and 2 boxes of Oatmeal for sale on Ebay. I'll see if I can recoup some money on that. I've got 3 more boxes of oatmeal, all different flavors that I can't decide if I should just sell or attempt to make taste better. I really like all the shakes, maybe I'll just buy some more of those. I really wish I had just focused on shakes, but I tried to mix it up when I ordered.

Ok kiddies, on to tomorrow.

Oh Jan, here's a mini-story for ya:

When I was real little and asking lots of questions to learn words, I'd always point at things and ask, "What's that?". (This is how Mom tells the story BTW, I don't actually remember it). Obviously I drove my parents crazy with this.

Anywho, one day Mom had just bought something new and it was packaged with big pieces of syrofoam to protect it in the box. I pointed at one of the pieces of white styrofoam and asked, "What's that?". Mom answered, "That's styrofoam.". So I looked at it for a minute. I then picked up a piece, pressed it against my ear, and said into it, "Hello?"

Get it? eh? eh? Get it? Styrofoam/Telephone? Yeah, I crack myself up too. :)
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Saturday, November 05, 2005
Medifast Day 4 Recap
Here's my boring-stuck-at-home-doing-laundry day.

  • Vanilla shake (life is good)
  • Chocolate mint bar (I'm actually surprised at how much I like their bars)
  • Cream of chicken soup (not a huge fan, but still edible)
  • Dutch chocolate shake (let me repeat, life is good)
  • Strawberry cream shake
  • Salmon and southwest vegetables (didn't realize I was out of broccoli)
I'm sweaty yet I want a cup of tea, go figure. I did have 2 mini cornflake cookies. I ordered 2 bags from a coworker's kid's fundraiser a few weeks ago, and of course they came in on Friday. Bastard. So I gave a bag to Steve, and told him not to eat the one in the pantry, that it was reserved for when I decided to go off my diet again. He left his open bag on the counter all day, and I managed to avoid them most of the day, but I ate 2. They're about the size of a nickel or maybe even a quarter, so they're really just like a little nibble of heaven. I shoved his bag in the back of the fridge, I'm safe now.

I slept until a little before noon, threw in a couple of loads of laundry, watched HBO, read my book, and tried not to doze off. If Steve wasn't around I could probably sleep most of the day. I don't know why.

My 4 days off helped, but not that much. I really need a nice little getaway, maybe to an outer island.

Jan, I don't have the energy or drive to write a long flashback story today, I'm sure I'll think up one soon for ya though.
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Medifast Day 3 Recap
I'm a little fuzzy on day 3, got pretty darn busy and ended up not eating for a long span of time.

I ate everything I reported earlier, and I believe I skipped one Medifast meal due to the breakfast.

I recall having the Chicken noodle soup. That was pretty good, should have probably let it sit longer. I also remember a shake? I think. Can't remember what.

I made bag chicken for dinner since Steve was actually home to eat for a change. I LOVE bag chicken.

I don't even know the brand, but you can find it with all the packets of flavoring (i.e. taco seasoning and stuff) in the grocery store. It's usually on the bottom, and it comes in a dark green packet that's twice as long as the others because it has a roasting bag in it as well. Mom used to make it all the time. It's basically seasoning so it's really healthy.

I love to toss in chicken with broccoli and potatoes. Shake it up and cook it. Heaven.

I had 1 piece of chicken (unfotunately it had skin and I ate it!) and a bunch of broccoli. Didn't cook any potatoes in it this time. I also made a Salsa salad (one of the kits). This is really yummy but it does have fat and calories. I also went overboard and ate what was left after Steve & I had our helpings because it would have just been a waste.
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Friday, November 04, 2005
Day 3
Had a breakfast meeting today so I crumbled and ate a little.

  • 1 scrambled egg & cup of miso soup & 3 billion cups of coffee(that sounded protein-y and healthy, since boullion is allowed as a snack)
  • Caramel nut bar (very good. I enjoyed it)
  • Swiss mocha shake (yummy)

It's 12:27 pm and I still have 3 more Medifast things to eat and a light meal (since I already ate a small breakfast). I'm not hungry, doing well, still enjoying it.

This morning Mr. Scale read 148.8 which makes for a 2.8 lbs. loss in 2 days which is excellent. I think I will put him back in the closet and weigh-in weekly for awesome results.

I'll do a final update tonight and let you know how the rest of the day went. I know, aren't I exciting?

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Thursday, November 03, 2005
Medifast Day 2 Recap
Here's my day:

  • Burger King coffee w/1 cream and 1 sweet n low
  • Chai latte (very spicy/cinnamony. kind of like pumpkin pie, not bad, not great)
  • S'mores granola bar (smelled exactly like play-doh, thankfully didn't taste like it)
  • Chili (ugh. much to be desired. texture was decent, flavor was more a sloppy joe. I'll see what I can do with some Tobasco, this one might be a lost cause as well)
  • Strawberry shake (good, like strawberry nesquick with a little bit of grit and a slight mediciny aftertaste, I may not have mixed it well enough)
  • 1/3 a cajun steak w/salad and steamed veggies from Chili's
I didn't drink AT ALL. I had a whole bunch of iced tea, people couldn't belive it! I did dip my veggies in the gravy and mashed potatoes a couple of times. I could have been better, but I didn't eat the bread and I stuck with my portions fairly well. I think I'm going to skip the 5th Medifast shake tonight because I think the fat and calories from the steak were a bit much.

I do feel a little guilty about it, but I was still very good and within reason.
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This morning I'm 149. Good times :)

That's a 2.6 lbs. loss.

Most of that is water weight, and probably a lot of it is still residual from my drinking on Halloween. Still, it's nice :)

I made Steve a grilled cheese sandwich when he got home last night and put a bit of melted cheese in my mouth...which I spit out. I didn't even want a bite of his sandwich. I was really desperate for the rest of the salad I made last night, but since it wasn't FF dressing it would have been too many extra calories and fat. I would have snorfled had it been FF. I hope it's still edible when I get home today.

This is what I needed. It's very odd that something "new" gives you a new sense of willpower, moreso than something "old" that's shown you results. So maybe when I got back to NS it will be "new" again!

Today might be a little tougher today, we have our quarterly company meeting which usually ends up at Chili's for beer and pupus afterword. I can't just peel out after the meeting because Steve has my car today, but I think I'll be ok. Medifast is something new, and its so much simpler to stay focused and not cheat when it's something that's brand new as opposed to something you've been doing for a while.

I feel fine, pretty sleepy (the eternal fight for the blanket with Steve last night, I swear he's gonna get punched in the face one of these days), but I'm ready for another day.

I'm drinking my Burger King coffee, then my menu for today consists of:

Chai latte (I don't even know if I like chai lattes, so I hope this is good)
S'more granola bar
Chili (in a pouch, scary, I know)
Strawberry cream shake
I'm thinking chicken for dinner tonight

Oh, and for those who are starting Medifast or those on NS who love their shakes, you've gotta get yourself one of these. It works great and it fits nicely in my purse.
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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Medifast Day 1 Recap
So, day 1 is over, and it wasn't as awful as I expected. Here's how it went:

  • Oatmeal. Blech. Vitamin paste. Into trash can.
  • Orange shake. Yummy!
  • Cream of Chicken. Thin and bland, but palatable with some salt and garlic powder (they make anything edible, don't they?) I will try it with less water next time so it wont be so thin.
  • Chocolate Divine bar. Fairly good as far as meal replacement bars go. Not a NS fudge graham bar by far!
  • Vanilla shake. Deee-lish! Was worried about this since I've had vanilla diet shakes in the past that were wretched.
  • Salmon steak with light caesar salad. Damn can I cook a fine piece of salmon. I should've licked the plate.
  • Dutch chocolate shake. Pretty darn good, gotta go easy on the water so they're more shake-like.

The only time I went off plan today was the 2 hard candies (one cinnamon, the other peppermint) that were necessary to remove the oatmeal taste from my mouth and that I didn't use FF salad dressing, just lite caesar (it was a kit).

So, there we have it, 5 Medifast meals and 1 real meal.....I know you count 6 Medifasts, but if you were paying attention you'd see I threw away the vile oatmeal.

I drank more water than I've had in a looooong time, and I didn't feel hungry, just a vague emptiness deep down in my tummy which is new again to me since I've been eating so much junk food lately I've been experiencing that "stuffed to the eyeballs" feeling a lot lately.

Everything has that slightly chalky taste/texture to it, but it's all been suprisingly good. Perhaps when I'm done with this I will transition back to what's left of my NS food for a while.
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Here we are on Halloween. We just got to the hotel, so Steve isn't wearing his mask yet and I haven't put on my riding hood. I would've taken more but my GF was so anxious to get the hell out of there and I left my camera in the room for safekeeping. Oh well. Posted by Picasa
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Quick Update

The orange cream shake is yummy. Just like a melted down creamsicle. I was REALLY scared when I took my first sip. Good to know not everything has the horrible vitamin taste.

I will call Medifast and see if there's any way I can trade out my oatmeal for more shakes. Their customer service is nothing like NS though. And no real support community. That's ok, I've got you guys!
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Medifast Day 1
Ok, finally got my Medifast order and started today.

They ruined oatmeal. I don't know how or why, I honestly didn't think it was possible to ruin oatmeal, but they did.

It tastes like they crushed up vitamins and aspirins into my oatmeal. It smells damn good, but UGH!

Maybe I'll give it one more shot at home. I might be able to doctor it up enough with Splenda and ICBINB spray to eat it. Blech.

This is why Medifast works, you can't actually eat anything they give you? Hehehe.

Oh well. You know my first meal on NS was almost vomit-worthy as well. If I recall, it was eggs, which immediately found their way into my trash can. So I won't hold Medifast too accountable for the first meal.

I think I'll try a shake now instead. I'm a little scared. I'm supposed to have 5 of their things a day (anything whenever I want, just limited to 1 bar) and one healthy "lean and green" meal.

I can do anything for a day.

Haloweenie was fun. Waikiki is ridiculously crowded every year, and I'm always amazed at how naked people get for the occasion. I saw 2 women wearing pasties as part of their costume, and more than enough men in speedos and thongs to last me a lifetime.

I'll post the couple photos I took before going out tonight. I didn't want to take my expensive camera into that crowd.

For those who don't remember, I was Little Red Riding Hood and Steve was the Big Bad Wolf. Of course because he had to mess with his mask a dozen times every day until Halloween the mask tore when he put it on prior to going out. He ended up wearing the face part on top of his head all night. I don't think I got any pics of that.

If he had just listened to me (why can't men do that?) he would have had neat wolf prosthetics glued to his face and he wouldn't have been hot and unable to drink and talk all night (that's what he kept grumbling about and cut a bunch of holes in his mask for ventilation, thus destroying it).

Ok, anything else?

Oh yeah, weight this morning is 151.6. Official Medifast start date and weight. Let's see how I do.
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