Monday, January 23, 2006
I was shocked and amazed to see the scale register 147.4 yesterday morning!! I was going to immediately come and type about it, but my office is a wretched dumping ground for all the kitchen things right now and I can barely stand to be in there.

You just dont understand people! I have been eating really really bad all week! I had a whole medium pizza (thin crust w/tomato & garlic from Dominos) on Thursday, and Taco Bell and Jack in the Box every other night. I had waffles and 2 grilled cheese sandwiches on Saturday. There was just no way that I was expecting to see anything good on the scale on Sunday, let alone the weight I was when Steve came back.

I was in shock. I wasn't even jumping for joy or squealing or anything, just utter shock!

Whew! That was a relief.

Jeff should be finishing up the under-cabinet lighting and some minor adjustments today, and the countertop guys should be coming out Tuesday morning to make a template of my counter. If all goes well, that should be installed on Friday *cross fingers*. Then I just have to tile. The tiling should probably get done this week while the counter is being made.

Unfortunately there were 2 cabinet faces missing on backorder when they put my cabinets together, so it's not completely done. Also, my oven is still white! Blech. Everything else will be black and stainless steel, but I'll have a white oven for another month or so.

I have been coming home and (after cleaning up all the mess and sawdust) just staring and drooling over my cabinets. So so beautiful. I can't wait to see it all done!

And I can't wait to have a working kitchen again to get back on track!
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Thursday, January 19, 2006
At least I'm maintaing....
Well, I haven't been able to stay on plan at all this week. I've done well at work, then I can't follow through at home because of all the chaos.

Last night Steve called while I was driving home and wanted me to pick up something. I had just got through having an argument with myself about not needing the junk food. So I had a spicy chicken sandwich from Jack in the Box last night for dinner. No fries or anything.

I'm maintaining, which is good I guess. Today I brought my NS foods with me since I realized how much of it I actually had when I cleaned out my pantry. It's mind boggling how much food I've got!

They started the demo today! I took picks last night, damn my kitchen is F*UGLY! I called about an hour ago to see how things were going and Steve told me they were starting to put my kitchen back together! Hooray!! I might actually have all my cabinets in place when I get home. I'll have to wait until Tuesday for Granite Transformations to make a template of my counters, then that should be done by next week. Maybe they'll tile tomorrow. Who knows. That's what's wonderful about having a small kitchen, it all goes so quickly.

Did I mention that I was absolutely floored with the amount of crap I had squirreled away in that little kitchen. I was flinging stuff like crazy! I think I tossed about 5 trash bags worth of crap out of that kitchen. I tossed all my tupperware bits and pieces that don't macth, and I bought myself that spin and store one you see on tv.

Ok, back to work. I'll post some picks soon.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Stress Sucks
So the last few days I've started off great with my Medifast, then I get home and it's all downhill from there. Monday I was just so involved with cleaning out all the kitchen cabinets that I think I forgot a couple shakes and I didnt snorfle a NS dinner until almost 8pm.

It's amazing how wonderful throwing away bags and bags full of crap you had hidden away in your cabinets can feel.

Tuesday I had my cabinets delivered! I took a half day at work, but I ended up taking the full day. Usually I can just get away with it, but a customer got all frantic when they came hours early for their appointment with me and I wasn't there. They stressed out anyone and everyone and they were all looking for me! The worst part is, I gave this idiot my cell number so they could reach me! Ok, whatever. People are stupid.

I have an obstacle course in my living room now. And because I was so stressed about work and when and whether or not my cabinets would be delivered I didn't make it throug the day with my Medifast. I ended up with a grilled chicken breast Subway sandwich. I haven't made awful choices, but I haven't followed the plan as well as I should have. With the kitchen looking like a bomb went off, I don't even want to be in there. I managed some toast for dinner last night. That was all I could bring myself to do.

Thankfully, I've got most everything cleaned out. I really just need to set aside our daily use dishes and silverware.

Thursday they should start the demo on my old kitchen and install the new cabinets and tile my floor. Then the template for my counter will be made. God, I hope I get my special order kitchen faucet in soon!

I will be sure to take photos tonight of what my horrible kitchen looks like, then I'll shoot some afters.
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Monday, January 16, 2006
New Week
Ok, so last week wasn't the greatest as far as weight-loss goes, no biggie. On Saturday morning I weighed in at 148.2 and ate fillet mignon with bernaise sauce at Mom's house. Then on Sunday I went back to John Dominis with Steven for our anniversary dinner. Considering the things I ate this weekend, I'm satisfied that I showed any loss at all, no matter how small. Back on track this week.

Dinner was wonderful. Steven is one of those people who think that most expensive things are overrated, so I was worried that he would think that John Dominis was overrated. He ordered the Chef's Special which was fillet mignon, 2 slipper tail lobsters, and shrimp with mashed potatoes. With the first bite I saw a smile and a look of contentment on his face. He was impressed. After the meal (I got the same thing I did last time, delish) we were presented with a couple-sized angel food cake that said "Happy Anniversary" we devoured that even though we were super full. It was very nice. I had a cosmo and a glass of wine with dinner, but for some reason I felt really tipsy. I think they drugged us!

Our tab came out to $124, which was actually $24 for that divine meal after I used my gift certificate. So with tip, that meal was fabulous and fabulously reasonable. Honestly, if we had to pay the full amount, that evening still would have been worth it.

We drove home, joking and chatting. It was the nicest time we had spent together in quite some time. No bickering or arguing, just nice.

Once we got home around 8:45ish, I peeled off my clothes and plopped into bed, even though the sheets were still in the dryer. Steve plopped down upside-down next to me, I hope I didn't kick him in the face any. The next thing I knew, I opened my eyes and it was like 12 am! We literally passed out in bed like that! I got up to turn off the lights and close the front door, then plopped back into bed. Steve woke up around 2:30ish and I guess he played on the computer for about and hour then came back to bed. He was still in bed when I left for work this morning. Our poor little bodies just revolted against us and forced us to get all the sleep we'd been missing. I woke up feeling pretty nice this morning.

It was a simple anniversary, just nice and sweet and relaxed.
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Friday, January 13, 2006
Good grief
I lost my mind last night. I'm not sure exactly why, maybe it had something to do with my sneaking a peek at the scale the last few days to see no change. I had really expected to lose another 5 lbs. or so this week, now I'm getting worried for my Sunday weigh-in.

Last night I made bag chicken. It's this green pouch of seasoning that comes with a roasting bag, and pop it in the oven. It's divine and very very low-cal. So I threw some chicken thighs, broccoli, and baby red potatoes in to cook for Steven's dinner, and I ate my leftover salmon.

I decided to skip a shake and have some of the chicken I made, which started out being 1 piece and a small amount of potatoes and lots of broccoli, and ended up being me standing over the bag eating a piece of chicken with my hands (my rationale was that I needed two chicken bones for the dogs) and spoonfulls of broccoli and potatoes. Ay!

In penance I drank an ass-ton of water. My god, I didn't know I could hold that much in me. Hopefully that won't do me in come Sunday.

I'm also trying to keep positive, that even if I don't lose 20 lbs this month (Medifast advertises that that is possible), that I could still potentially lose 15 lbs! Good enough, be positive!

So tonight I'll probably make Steve taco meat and I'll have an NS taco salad with LOTS of lettuce for myself.

I felt so guilty I couldn't bring myself to watch the Biggest Loser I had DVR'd.
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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
I've kind of decided that Sundays will be my mini-cheat kind of day. This last Sunday I made dijon chicken and roasted red potatoes. So that technically wasn't on plan, but it wasn't atrocious. I also shared a bag of non-diet microwave popcorn. I felt like I indulged and I didn't go nutso and gorge on anything. I had one piece of the chicken and a small side of the starch with a bowl of salad.

I've feeling very good about 2006. Thankfully the "starving" part of restarting my diet has passed. I'm looking forward to trying the thick crust NS pizza tonight. I've heard everyone rave! I've gotta pick up some turkey pepperoni on the way home.

This Sunday (the 15th) will mark my fourth anniversary with Steven. I've made reservations at John Dominis with the $100 gift certificate I got for Christmas. I was going to save it for a later date, but I decided that meant that I'd have 2 days of poor eating instead of combining it into 1. I'm looking forward to it. I'm actually planning on getting the same thing I had last time, it was so yummy! Imagine that! I also know we can't go overboard because that gift certificate will really only cover our entrees. It's a pricey little place to eat.

Steve started his classes for his Captain's license last night. It was actually wonderful to finally have the home to myself. I had slacked a bit this week on my FLYing, but I got the living room and kitchen mostly taken care of last night while he was at school. We won't see eachother so much anymore, but it is still really nice to have the whole place to myself occasionally.

My box of NS is sitting in the office, and my Medifast is sitting on the dining table. With my FLYing I feel horrible about this, but I'm remodeling my kitchen, and my cabinets are due to arrive next week, so I haven't wanted to take them out of their boxes, knowing they'd end up packed in a box all over again anyways! I can just take heart in the knowledge that in a few week's time I'll have a gorgeous new kitchen (counters, cabinets, floors, appliances) that will also work so much better for me! I'll be sure to post a before and after photo.
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Sunday, January 08, 2006
One week down

I love 2006! One week down; 5.2 pounds gone! I survived chocolates and cookies at work, I'm so proud of myself. I thought about having one chocolate a couple of times, but I managed not to all week, and I've been rewarded!

I did nibble a bit during dinners, I had some baby pink potatoes, and last night I had a few bites of Steve's mac salad, but I still had a great week of success.

Medifast during the day, and NS dinners. I had a couple of home cooked dinners too.

I just woke up, so I don't have much more to say, except I'm super excited, and I did a little dance next to the scale this morning. I hope you all are doing well too!
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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Accountability Cha-cha-cha
Woohoo. January 4th, and nary a stray thought. I have been perfecto! Except I peek, and when I peek, I see the scale reads 152.2, which means it's finally going back in the right direction!

I have been starving through the weekend, hard to sit around doing nothing and not want to munch. I also dreamed I was eating potatoes last night, weird.

Steve an I sat around on Monday (?) watching The Biggest Loser 2 marathon on Bravo. Damn, the transformations those people went through were a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I think I have to watch the next season of that show. The final 3 looked like completely different people!! The big fat blonde girl was transformed into this adorable, petite, bubbly, little blonde (Suzy). I soooooo want to have a transformation like that!!

Pete won $100,000 for losing 185 lbs! Amazing. He didn't even look like the same person. No one did! They all went from being a group of unattractive, sloppy horde of overeaters, and at the finale they were all sitting around looking gorgeous and thin! They all looked like they belonged on tv or could have modeled!

Steve got down on himself because he's feeling fat (which he has gotten pudgy) and weighed himself (for the first time in ages) at 211. He was all depressed. We were both absolutely amazed though.

Ok, I'm done rambling. Hope you all are doing well. Jan, stop eating!
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Sunday, January 01, 2006
I've proven that it can be done! A perfect day. 100%. Batting 1000.

I started off my day late, and here's how I did:

  • Banana shake
  • Orange shake
  • S'mores bar
  • Dutch Chocolate shake
  • Dutch Chocolate shake
  • NS BBQ beef and rice
  • salad w/FF Catalina dressing and crutons
  • corn and broccoli sauteed in olive oil and sprayed w/ICBINB
  • tons of water and a couple diet colas

I've forgotten how much dieting makes me pee. I was starving today. My body just isn't used to not eating non-stop anymore. Even though I really didn't start my day until around 11 am or so, I was really having a hard time with just the shakes. I ended up eating dinner around 5:30, and absolutely relishing my salad! OMG, I'd forgotten how fabulous salad could be!

I made Steven a couple pieces of taco chicken and he had a couple burritos. All in all, an excellent first day. The only compromises I see are the crutons and corn I had, but let's face it, those were 2 items I had always refused to give up and I've managed just fine.

I also resolved to work on my Flylady this year. Yesterday I managed to watch a bajillion episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Mom got me the complete series on DVD for Xmas), and between each episode I set the timer and did 15 minutes of housework. The kitchen is clean once again! I even got Steve into it, and managed to get two 15 minute work sessions out of him. I hope that I can get him to see how simple this is and how easy it makes housework. It's wonderful to be able to spend 5 minutes and all the dishes are done, instead of having to spend 30 minutes because every dish in the house is in the sink!

I hope you all had as great a start to 2006 as I did!
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Another year has come and passed....and I'm still fat!
So here we embark on 2006. Doesn't is just sound like a boring year already?

Here I sit, with the full damage report of October through December's eating frenzy. I'm a tubby little 155.4 this morning, ladies (and gentlemen). I just drank down a Banana Blitz shake from Medifast (yummy!), I've got 4 more Medifast thingies to go, and a nice NS or home cooked dinner of my choice.

Last night was kind of a bust. New Year's is always so anti-climactic for me. We dressed up and went to see Harry Potter, then I wanted my "last meal" at California Pizza Kitchen. Alas, it was closed when we finished the movie. Drats. My last meal consisted of Jack in the Box french toast sticks and a jr. bacon cheeseburger, then we sat on a hill and watched fireworks.

I have to say I was happy and relieved when I cut open my Medifast box this morning. Happy that it was all over. Happy that I can get back on my way of slimming down.

I know this is the year for me. I know I will finally complete my weight loss journey (well, you know what I mean, the journey is never complete, only that my goal will be met). The last time I had lost weight was on Atkins, and then the holidays came and deicmated me, but I was unable to repair the damage with the New Year. All hope had been lost.

I look forward to cheering you all along on your journeys this year. I know we can all do it! Good luck gang!
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