Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Ok, last week was a bust I'm sorry to say. Up 1.6 lbs. My fault completely. I call September hell month, and this week is hell week.

Did I mention I hate my job?

Well, after spending the week eating as much garbage as I desired by simply stating these magic words: "I'm so stressed I have to eat/drink" I've sabotaged myself.

After my Sunday weigh-in I had a sit down with myself.

1) Why am I stressed?
Because I hate my job, it's a very stressfull position and I am broke with bills up to my gills.

2) So how is sabotaging your goals on Herbalife helping you?
It doesn't! Dammit, I hate it when I'm right. By sabotaging myself by allowing the cheating I'm cheating myself out of success. I'm cheating myself out of weightloss. I'm cheating myself out of more money to deal with the bills. I'm cheating myself out of the ability to make enough money with Herbalife to GET OUT of a job I despise!!!

3) So, does that make you feel better? Was last week worth it?

I've been excellent since Monday and a peek on the scale has shown me how abundantly I get rewarded by allowing Herbalife to work it's magic! I was down to 169.6 yesterday morning. I've got a whole week of good things in front of me.

Yes, it's still officially hell week at work, but now I know that by standing firm this will be my LAST hell week!

--ok, I had 2 1/2 brownie bites, a half a homemade scone and 1/4 a blueberry muffin today. Good the rest of the way!
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Sunday, September 10, 2006
Week 2
Down another 1.4 lbs to make a total of 6 lbs lost in 2 weeks time. Also a total of 10.5 inches gone! Great job, considering I've had the hardest time losing more that 1 lb a week in the last few months, and my period is due at any moment.

I can't wait to see what next week brings!
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Friday, September 08, 2006
I need to get outta here!
I can't wait to get the hell out of this place. It's turned me into a total bitch and I can't stand it. Argh!

That's ok, my goal is to skedaddle at the New Year after our 4th quarter bonuses come out. It's just so ridiculously redundant out here. We do the same last minute struggle and crunches for numbers, always moan and goan about how this is awful and we've gotta find a better way, and always do it all over again!

Well, my goal is for Herbalife to get me the hell outta here! By the way, thanks to those who have visited my site and requested sample packs from me. I appreciate the support and I really do think you're going to love the products.

I am completely and utterly broken out right now. I think it's a combination of the intense stress I'm under and also a "purge" of all the garbage in my system. This is really the only time in my life that I have been 100% consistent with taking vitamins and supplents. That in of itself is something awesome that Herbalife has done for me. Even thought I look like a big greasy crap monster I feel great! LOL
Written by Amanda
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Monday, September 04, 2006
What is Herbalife?
This is in response to the anonymous comment in my last post. He/she asked me what Herbalife was.

The simple answer: it's a shake and supplements you replace 2 meals with a day, and have one "colorful" meal a day.

The better answer: it's complete nutrition that our bodies are lacking.

I've done lots of "shake" diets, and I can honestly say that Herbalife is quite deceiving as a "shake". Most shakes you're just trying to stay full on fiber and protein to make it through the day without eating, here's my Herbalife day:

1 chocolate shake w/ 8 oz skim milk
1 multivitamin
2 total controls (this helps control appetite and burns fat like crazy)
2 cell-u-loss ("liposuction in a bottle" this helps smooth out my lumpies)
2 cell activators (helps your body to absorb everything you need)

This is my "colorful" meal of the day. I enjoy Smart Choice microwave dinners, and I especially enjoy going to Wendy's for a caesar side salad, small chili, baked potato and diet coke. This carries me through my dreaded 3 pm munchies which I have experienced WITH EVERY DIET.
Along with the meal I take the above tablet cocktail.

I enjoy the Herbal Concentrate tea which gives me a boost to my metabolism. It's jokingly refered to "20 minutes of cardio in a bottle".

We also have a new product called Lift Off. This is out new energy drink that has 0 calories and helps to give you an energy boost as well as clarity of mind with guarana, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, L-taurine, caffeine and vitamins C, B6 & B12. This stuff is fantastic and is an easy effervescent tab you drop into a glass of water. I love taking this stuff before I meet with a new buyer for their home orientation tour, it helps to get me going.

I enjoy another shake and tablet cocktail.

There are snack bars that I can enjoy if I'm desperate for something sweet which are better than a lot that I've tried throughout the years.

Like I've said before, I've done a lot of "shake" diets, but none have left me feeling as good as Herbalife has. I don't feel run down or crabby, I actually feel better than when I started.

FYI, Herbalife isn't only "diet stuff", it also has targeted nutrition for heart health, joint support, occular defense, children's vitamins, etc. Haircare and skincare, as well as fragrances. Like I've said, I've only just begun and have not yet had the opportunity to try everything, but what I have tried, I haven't been disappointed!

If you're interested in browsing the whole product line or would like more information on anything, please visit me at If you're interested in a free sample please go to and enter your information and I'll mail you some great samples to try at home.
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Sunday, September 03, 2006
1st week down!
Yay! 4.6 lbs and 8 inches lost! Good for me.

I really really hate that I've allowed myself to get fat again. Finding clothes to wear upsets me more than anything, because all the new "skinny" clothes I bought when I was around 150 are all snug and hideous on me. That's really upsetting, because in my mind's eye I can still see myself attractive in them, but then I put them on and see myself in the mirror and it's so incomprehensible to me why it looks so awful!

Oh well, I'm on the right track again, so I'm going to lose it all over again. Sadly it really does get harder and harder the more times you do it. It's not very motivating to get down to 171.8, even though I know in reality that's almost a 5 lbs loss, I still see 171.8 and know it's still fat, you know? It's like I won't be satisfied again until I see a number I haven't seen in a little 165 or something. I've seen 175-168 a bajillion times in the last couple of months, and I'm ready to see something new!

Herbalife is great, not feeling deprived, everything is really tasty and I feel better. I'm off to a cheat day for a BBQ at Mom's house. I'll try to keep myself under control :)

Happy Labor Day Weekend!
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Friday, September 01, 2006
Hey Everybody
Ok ok, I'm alive. And nice and fat! LOL.

My god the last several months have been extremely stressful, and I'm still living under tons of it.

I just got sent to our corporate ranch in Texas last week as a bit of R&R and fun for some people in my department (nationally). I managed to come home weighing 176 eek! A new high for me.

But all is not lost. I have begun Herbalife. Yes yes, I know, I know. But I'm not only using Herbalife, I'm selling it. Making extra money has become a huge priority to me now, as the boat is not yet making a profit (it was out of commission for a week in need of a part) mostly because we have to spend some time playing catch up on the bills. I also really can't bear my job much longer. I was in a state of meltdown just prior to getting to go to Texas, so it's a very very good thing I was able to go to that, as it helped to refresh me.

People I work with are dropping like flies. No one wants to be in this place anymore, it's gotten too stressful, to the point where you can actually feel yourself losing years on your life. Gaining weight, constantly sick, stressed, grouchy, etc.

So I started Herbalife a few weeks ago (stupidly before my trip where I knew there'd be TONS of booze and food). I lost a bit, yay, but I gained 7 lbs on a 3 day trip. Is that insane?

Making money is a huge motivator for diet success as well! Everytime you want to reach for something naughty, I can remember that my own diet success will be my walking billboard! So I've lost 4 lbs since Sunday, my new official weigh in day is Sunday.

For those coming here looking for Nutrisystem info, please, don't get me wrong, NS is fantastic! It is healthy and real. It teaches you how to really eat properly (something I know I didn't follow) and it could have easily worked for me if I had bothered to work IT. So please give it a try if you are curious. I did lose 23 lbs and kept it off for a little while. Unfortunately I used my life as an excuse to eat improperly.

I'll try to keep up here with my Herbalife success. I feel great, healthy. If any of you are interested in either using Herbalife products (they have more than just weightloss stuff) or even selling it, I'm here to help.

If you'd like a free sample, got to my website at If you'd like to purchase Herbalife products you can go to If you are interested specifically in Herbalife (using or selling) please email me at My email is still there and I use it, I just need to keep things separated to help me out :)
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