Sunday, September 03, 2006
1st week down!
Yay! 4.6 lbs and 8 inches lost! Good for me.

I really really hate that I've allowed myself to get fat again. Finding clothes to wear upsets me more than anything, because all the new "skinny" clothes I bought when I was around 150 are all snug and hideous on me. That's really upsetting, because in my mind's eye I can still see myself attractive in them, but then I put them on and see myself in the mirror and it's so incomprehensible to me why it looks so awful!

Oh well, I'm on the right track again, so I'm going to lose it all over again. Sadly it really does get harder and harder the more times you do it. It's not very motivating to get down to 171.8, even though I know in reality that's almost a 5 lbs loss, I still see 171.8 and know it's still fat, you know? It's like I won't be satisfied again until I see a number I haven't seen in a little 165 or something. I've seen 175-168 a bajillion times in the last couple of months, and I'm ready to see something new!

Herbalife is great, not feeling deprived, everything is really tasty and I feel better. I'm off to a cheat day for a BBQ at Mom's house. I'll try to keep myself under control :)

Happy Labor Day Weekend!
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