Monday, September 04, 2006
What is Herbalife?
This is in response to the anonymous comment in my last post. He/she asked me what Herbalife was.

The simple answer: it's a shake and supplements you replace 2 meals with a day, and have one "colorful" meal a day.

The better answer: it's complete nutrition that our bodies are lacking.

I've done lots of "shake" diets, and I can honestly say that Herbalife is quite deceiving as a "shake". Most shakes you're just trying to stay full on fiber and protein to make it through the day without eating, here's my Herbalife day:

1 chocolate shake w/ 8 oz skim milk
1 multivitamin
2 total controls (this helps control appetite and burns fat like crazy)
2 cell-u-loss ("liposuction in a bottle" this helps smooth out my lumpies)
2 cell activators (helps your body to absorb everything you need)

This is my "colorful" meal of the day. I enjoy Smart Choice microwave dinners, and I especially enjoy going to Wendy's for a caesar side salad, small chili, baked potato and diet coke. This carries me through my dreaded 3 pm munchies which I have experienced WITH EVERY DIET.
Along with the meal I take the above tablet cocktail.

I enjoy the Herbal Concentrate tea which gives me a boost to my metabolism. It's jokingly refered to "20 minutes of cardio in a bottle".

We also have a new product called Lift Off. This is out new energy drink that has 0 calories and helps to give you an energy boost as well as clarity of mind with guarana, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, L-taurine, caffeine and vitamins C, B6 & B12. This stuff is fantastic and is an easy effervescent tab you drop into a glass of water. I love taking this stuff before I meet with a new buyer for their home orientation tour, it helps to get me going.

I enjoy another shake and tablet cocktail.

There are snack bars that I can enjoy if I'm desperate for something sweet which are better than a lot that I've tried throughout the years.

Like I've said before, I've done a lot of "shake" diets, but none have left me feeling as good as Herbalife has. I don't feel run down or crabby, I actually feel better than when I started.

FYI, Herbalife isn't only "diet stuff", it also has targeted nutrition for heart health, joint support, occular defense, children's vitamins, etc. Haircare and skincare, as well as fragrances. Like I've said, I've only just begun and have not yet had the opportunity to try everything, but what I have tried, I haven't been disappointed!

If you're interested in browsing the whole product line or would like more information on anything, please visit me at If you're interested in a free sample please go to and enter your information and I'll mail you some great samples to try at home.
Written by Amanda
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